not yet…

So here I am at 4.45am on our EDD (the 12 week scan one, not the clinic one, which was 2 days ago).

I’ve been having irregular contractions since 9pm last night, managed to get some sleep, then they woke me up and I lay awake for a lonnnnng time wondering which piece of vee’s advice to take in the absence of my own common sense;

* don’t let contractions keep you awake counting them obsessively. Take a paracetamol and sleep as much as you can,
* if you can’t sleep, eat or drink something and the contractions might stop.

I chose the second option (partly because I was fed up with lying in bed and loathe to wake vee up as she had a rubbish nights sleep the night before, thanks to my, ahem, *pregnancy related* snoring). The bottom line is, it seems to have worked, so I’m going to try and get back to sleep.

Well, I only have about a 5% chance of giving birth today, right? And all these women keep stressing on messageboards that they’ve been having contractions on and off for days and even WEEKS.

Ooh, better get some kip then.

Xx jay


tick tock tick tock….

Tomorrow is our official (original, based on insem, not on scan size) due date. Tomorrow?

(And yes, the ticker is wrong. Fresh milk doesn’t last THAT long!!)

Back to the cleaning….

vee xxx

Freaky feeling

I bought milk last night on my way home from work. The use by date on it was post EDD. There is a distinct possibility that the milk in our fridge will last longer than the rest of our pregnancy. That’s just the strangest feeling.

vee xxx

Potty issues

Just recently, BB started showing an interest in his potty, which has been gathering dust in the corner of the bathroom for some time now. We went with the flow and at home we’ve been having some reasonable success.

We’ve run into a couple of problems though and are unsure now whether to plough ahead or put it all on hold until a later date.

Firstly, at home, our boy can go naked or just with pants on (that’s underwear). He generally takes himself off to wee and can handle the pants ok if need be. At nursery, there’s none of that naked or semi naked foolishness and Trousers Must Be Worn. Somehow, BB doesn’t seem to be making the same connection when in additional clothes, and more accidents are happening.

Secondly, and far more worryingly, though peeing on the potty is ok in his book, pooing on it is most definitely not. Pooing requires a nappy, apparently, and he will not be dissuaded of this. The only successful occasions have occurred during some distress and desperation on his part, which is not nice. Worse still, he’s now holding his bowel movements rather than go on the potty and we’re worried he’ll get constipation which would make things a whole lot worse.

So, back to nappies to resolve the poo distress and forget about the progress on the peeing? Or forge ahead?

vee xxx

Pregnancy and stuff

So,  in completely astounding news, I find myself 37 weeks and 1 day pregnant.  Some days I find it hard to believe I’m even pregnant AT ALL, never mind due to pop within a month.  That’s the thing, folks; I look at my belly from above and it looks like I’ve maybe had a few too many pies, then I catch sight of myself in the mirror and think HOLY SHIT, WHAT HAPPENED?! [Photographic evidence of this can be found here, for those who like belly shots and stuff.]

And now I have to try and squeeze an entire person through my vagina (or my ‘gina, as BB calls it, which sounds a lot better).

All things considered, though, I’m in a good place at the moment – thanks for asking, K – which is basically a huge relief because I was really heading for The Crazy Place until a couple of weeks ago.  To cut a long story short,  I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and could not cope with any kind of stress, which kind of led to what I think was prenatal depression. My lovely doctor gave me a prescription for Prozac but when I read the side effects for the baby – not likely, but still possible – I just flipped and could not take any.  Look, I’m the kind of person who worries endlessly if I have a25ml beer, so taking antidepressants would actually have made my anxiety worse. Ho, hum.

The weird part?  Since then, I’ve felt SO MUCH BETTER. I saw the doctor again today and she says she doesn’t care why I feel better (it could have been the yoga, the 3-day babymoon we had, the visiting my family, the fab support I’ve had from the amazing vee and some friends) – it’s just good that I do.

I’m hanging on to the Prozac though, just in case, and am trying to line up a counsellor so that I have someone  to contact if I get PND.

Aside from that, I have complete nesting fever, am waking up a zillion times in the night to wee, and, despite trying EVERYTHING possible to avoid them for the past 9 months, was devastated to discover that I now have piles. Just. My. Luck. Right?

Buddy is moving like a little maniac most days, though, and almost making me wish that I could stay pregnant for just a few more months, hey.

I’m joking, vee, really!

xxxx jay

Bed without bars

We’ve finally bitten the bullet and taken the sides off BB’s cot-bed, rendering it all bed and zero cot. It’s been about a week now, and though it did take him a couple of days to work out he could get out by himself, he soon got the hang of the pop-up. We put a gate on the door (no idea whether that’s actually a good idea or not, it just seemed to be a good idea at the time), and he frequently hangs over it, loudly demanding “milk” or “cuggles” before throwing all the books off his shelves and scaling the changing table.

Tonight though, I’m very proud to report that, after a serious little chat about the whole thing, he stayed put and is sleeping soundly as I speak.

Of course, that may simply be down to him being super tired from arseing around so much at nap time, but I’ll take what I’m given!

vee xxx


Grandad we love you…

Grandad we do. Even though you’re “a bit scary” apparently. Toddlers aren’t known for their tact, are they? Luckily, Grandad is not easily offended.

We took a trip North to visit jay’s side of the family this weekend just gone – last chance before baby. It was a good weekend but we were all glad to be back in our own beds when we got home.

Talking of beds, not only is BB in a proper bed finally (whole other post), but the baby now has somewhere to sleep too, after we scored a babybay cosleeper on eBay. Now, I just need to find the time to assemble it!

vee xxx