Potty issues

Just recently, BB started showing an interest in his potty, which has been gathering dust in the corner of the bathroom for some time now. We went with the flow and at home we’ve been having some reasonable success.

We’ve run into a couple of problems though and are unsure now whether to plough ahead or put it all on hold until a later date.

Firstly, at home, our boy can go naked or just with pants on (that’s underwear). He generally takes himself off to wee and can handle the pants ok if need be. At nursery, there’s none of that naked or semi naked foolishness and Trousers Must Be Worn. Somehow, BB doesn’t seem to be making the same connection when in additional clothes, and more accidents are happening.

Secondly, and far more worryingly, though peeing on the potty is ok in his book, pooing on it is most definitely not. Pooing requires a nappy, apparently, and he will not be dissuaded of this. The only successful occasions have occurred during some distress and desperation on his part, which is not nice. Worse still, he’s now holding his bowel movements rather than go on the potty and we’re worried he’ll get constipation which would make things a whole lot worse.

So, back to nappies to resolve the poo distress and forget about the progress on the peeing? Or forge ahead?

vee xxx

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  1. L needed a nappy for poo for quite some time after he was in undies. We did that for a while, 6 or so months I think? Eventually he was ok with pooing in the potty, but the toilet took much longer. C’s weird about poo right now too, which makes me think it’s age-related (he’s just turned 3) as he’s been EC’d from the getgo.


  2. I don’t know how helpful this is, but both of those issues are so normal as to be expected, in potty-training. It certainly took J. a long time to make the potty connection in clothing. What we did was keep him in nappies (well, diapers here, but i like nappies…!) at school until he was more fully trained (which, FYI, happened at about 3 1/2).

    Do you guys have Pull-Ups or something similar? They’re more expensive than straight-up diapers and many people skip them, but we actually found them to be a useful step….they’re still effectively a diaper, but can be pulled down independently by the child so they CAN more easily use the potty, but are covered if they don’t make it.


  3. Poo distress – such a sad phrase.


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