update from the roasting one. *now with extra photo goodness!

OK, so vee didn’t manage to finish the July blogging challenge thingy, but she tried, and it’s the taking part that counts, right?  Either way, we’re due an update. It’s going to be a bullety one…

  • As the title of this post might suggest, we’re very hot weather-wise at the moment. This is NOTHING compared to many other parts of the world, but we’re in the UK, and traditionally, British people love to complain about the weather. We’re rubbish at any kind of weather; heat, cold, rain or wind. So, yeah.
  • The above point does NOT sit well with my general pregnant feeling of being a giant hot water bottle. Most of the time, I just wander around in a vest and underpants… luckily, I work from home(!)
  • Have I enjoyed pregnancy so far? Um, no. The only part I’ve liked has been feeling Buddy move (as s/he does, frequently) and being reminded that we’ll soon have a baby to smooooosh and smother with kisses. Thank god. It simply doesn’t suit me – I’m sick of being hot, heartburny, tired and emotional. The emotional part has been, without doubt, the worst part of this pregnancy — not a lot of point going into it, but I think we’re all just hoping I don’t have some kind of depression and that when Buddy pops out, I’ll suddenly morph back into jay again. Please.
  • My wife rocks. Poor vee. Group hug? I think she deserves one, for putting up with cranky, crazy me.
  • PLUS: She’s currently covering for me at work because I’ve had a bit of a hard time with some work lately and I’m not coping with pressure well. I know, I am very lucky.
  • I also know that I’m very lucky to be pregnant at all, and just wish it worked better for my body, but that’s life eh?
  • On a much happier note, I’m pleased to report that BB is amazing. Today, he told us he didn’t think he liked his ‘bigboy’s underpants’ much, after wearing them for the first time. I think we have some way to go with the potty training…!
  • And finally, if you got this far, here is some bonus (and long overdue) photographic evidence of BB’s amazingness:

A typical shouting BB at a visit to a science park (with lots of HOT! RED! FIRE! and gushing water, which of course led to at least one outfit change).

… and more outfit changing insanity, this time drenching our back garden early one morning, as you do.

So yeah, that’s it from us for today. Our ticker says we have 69 days until our EDD. Unbelievable!

xxxx jay


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Lo on August 3, 2011 at 6:08 pm

    Beautiful boy, and hugs to the roasting one and vee, too!!


  2. Oh I just love his long blonde hair!


  3. Great update! I’m sorry pregnancy is treating you so bad. I can’t wait to meet little Buddy!

    Those pictures are beyond cute.


  4. Posted by rhetorician on August 4, 2011 at 12:04 am

    lovely pics; my poor dp not enjoying round 2 much either – but the end is in sight for you, and at least on the horizon for us. Then we’re done…


  5. Posted by starrhillgirl on August 4, 2011 at 1:16 pm

    Tell Vee I failed summer camp, too : ( Poor us.
    I’m really glad to hear things are good, if hot.


  6. What are you feeding BB?! He looks as if he’s grown inches since we saw him. Sorry to hear pregnancy isn’t treating you kindly. Sending lots of hugs to all of you. I can’t believe how soon your little one will be here!


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