Day 5 – Birthday girl

What do you prefer to do for your birthday?

Have I caught up yet?

So, my birthday….

My birthday is right near Guy Fawkes night and as a kid, I always thought the fireworks displays I could see from my bedroom window were somehow for me. Overinflated sense of self-importance or what?

As an adult, I’m still thrilled by fireworks, but I’m not sure they’d form part of my ideal birthday celebrations anymore. I do love having a winter birthday though, so a cold night please, with an open fire, Indian food and good friends around me. Oh, and some decent red wine. No loud music, no dancing, no silly games or party hats.

Now I’m a parent, I do wonder how my birthdays will change as my child (soon to be children) grow. BB is getting to an age now where birthdays are exciting events and I look forward to sharing my birthday with him this year and enjoying his excitement. It’s a big old birthday for me this year, and we’ve got some big celebrations planned. Well, as big as is sensible for mummies with a 5 week old baby!

vee xxx


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