Pathetic attempt at an update

Hello peeps. It’s me, jay. Remember me? I’m the one who’s pregnant with BB’s sibling; and I’m a rubbish blogger.  An even worse blog commenter. Gawd.

Well, as you’re here, I thank you, and I’ll do a little bullety update below:

  • New scan pic up here for those who are so inclined. I’m convinced that Buddy’s profile is much like BB’s was at roughly the same age; vee isn’t, but she always was a cynic.
  • BB is growing and exploding and absorbing the world and doing just great. He has amazing short-but-high-powered tantrums when he can’t explain something or doesn’t get his own way (often complete with head butting, which is horrible). Thankfully, these are usually gone after a minute or so, and aren’t that frequent. OK, well, maybe daily? He IS two.
  • As an aside, his languages are developing at a pace we’re proud of!
  • Buddy is also growing – at exactly average on the graph, yay – and kicking and punching in a lovely way. I was SO proud when the sonographer described Buddy as “uncooperative” during the scan, because they couldn’t measure his/her spine for a while, despite trying to her him/her to move.
  • No, we don’t know if Buddy is a he or a she, and we’ll keep it that way until s/he is born. Yay!
  • Me and vee are doing OK but a bit overloaded, so VERY glad to be going on a toddler-friendly holiday soon. VERY GLAD.
  • Pregnancy doesn’t suit me and, although I love carrying our child; indeed it’s a huge privilege, I will be VERY glad to have given birth. I know lots of people have it worse than me, but I cannot wait to be done with this emotional stuff that pregnancy has brought along for the ride. Poor vee. It’s led to more than a few screaming rows and lots and LOTS of tears. Thankfully, though, it’s improving(!)
  • I’m not even going to list the physical symptoms, but I will say that I thought accidental weeing was meant to happen AFTER one has given birth!?

There’s probably more than I can ever think of to say but the baby has eaten what was left of my brain, so I keep forgetting things. Like what I was going to blog, yeah. Sorry.

Much, much love,

jay xxxx


2 responses to this post.

  1. That is a VERY lovely profile!!
    And for eff’s sake I am thrilled for an update. (I have been crap at commenting and am trying to be better)
    So no belly shots of you?? And I need to see the handsome bonus ball!!!
    xoxo to all of you sweetie pies


  2. Belly shot pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee! Glad to hear from you:)


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