Still here; still sinking in.

I’m knackered and sitting on the sofa recovering from building a train set that BB got for Christmas and was excited about for about 5 minutes. He’s now watching TV, standing up with arms folded, looking like a politician in training. Yikes. Anyway this seemed a good time to test out WordPress for Blackberry.

Thank you all for the reassuring comments on my last post, much appreciated as ever. I’m still feeling much the same – I think we’ll both feel like this is more real after the 7 week scan on Valentine’s Day. Oh yeah, we were lucky enough to land an appointment then; and, by pure chance, the spa visit we had planned for about 2 weeks ago had to be postponed because BB was off nursery with conjuctivitis (which he kindly gave to me and vee)… To Valentine’s Day. We see this as a good omen, and can’t believe our luck!

But anyway, there’s no denying I have pregnancy symptoms galore, some days more than others. Right now, for example, I’m tired and lightheaded and wishing I was asleep, when I usually avoid afternoon naps like the plague. It’s been a hard week.

So yeah, I still appear to be pregnant, and it still feels like a dream.

Have a great weekend!

Xxxx jay

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3 responses to this post.

  1. Just saw the news! Congratulations!


  2. Posted by gypsygrrl on February 1, 2011 at 8:17 pm

    thinking of you and i ❤ the valentine's day omen 🙂


  3. Hello, My beauties!
    I’ve been exiled from Blogland for a while. What wonderful news. I’m doing a little happy dance on this side of the pond for you.


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