trying and trying

Occasionally, our-perfect-in-every-way-butter-wouldn’t-melt-little-angel of a son is a little…..trying. Take 2am this morning when he wanted to point out all my facial features; or 2.20am when he wanted me to read the egg book; or 3am, when he was all about the bouncy bounce; or at 3.30am when that was replaced cries for milky milk. You see, since Christmas at Nannie and Grandad’s house, he’s turned into an insomniac and he’s making us a little mental.

He wakes about 7.30am, has a 2 and a half to 3 hour nap around 10.30-11ish, goes to bed for the night at 7-7.30pm and he used to sleep through most nights. When he did wake, we’d give him milk in a cup if he asked for it. Since the insomniac episodes started, we’ve tried cutting out the milk and offering water only, but that  keeps him awake longer as then he REALLY feels like he’s got something to shout about. I discovered the other night that a story CD will keep him quiet and initially he dropped back off, but the second or third night I tried this he lay quiet listening to it, then grumbled when it finished, so I think that’s keeping him quiet, but stopping him sleeping now. He doesn’t cry and scream, but he does shout out and gabble and he keeps me awake (and I keep jay awake!)  We’re at a bit of a loss.  So, what would you do? Answers on a postcard please (or in the comments box).

In far more interesting trying news, we’ll be trying for BB’s sibling again tomorrow! Jay was very relieved to see that smiley face this morning, as she was worried it might come on Saturday, necessitating either a Monday insem or a £150 forfeit as the clinic doesn’t open on Sundays. Tomorrow, however, is perfect, and we’ve got a little day out shopping and lunching sans child planned for afterwards, while those sperms undertake their epic journey and hopefully do their thing. We’re feeling pretty excited this time round. Wish us luck!

vee xxx


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  1. Posted by rhetorician on January 6, 2011 at 12:02 am

    good luck!


  2. Luck, luck, luck!


  3. I have an alarm clock/noise machine, and if the boy starts making noise before I’m ready to get up, I just make it louder and drown him out. When the alarm goes off, it stops the noise and I’m up. It works pretty well. Of course, he’s in his crib in the room next door.
    Good luck with #2!


  4. oh man…this post is not encouraging to my current sleep woes! i feel for you and have absolutely no advice. at least i know we’re not the only sleepless mommies around these parts!


  5. Posted by rhetorician on January 7, 2011 at 12:03 am

    shorten the nap! he probably no longer needs 15 hours sleep in 24 (I am envious as little C never ever took a nap that long in her whole life!) cut the morning nap to about 1.5h, move it slightly later? We found that there was a total amount of sleep for a 24 hour period and it could be divided in different ways – a one hour nap + 11.5 at night (cue troublesome bedtimes or early waking). or 7-7 with no nap/ She has given up naps entirely now at almost 2 and sleeps about 12-12.5 hours at night. HTH


  6. 2011 is a great year for a sibling!


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