Xmas trees and toddlers (!?)

Thank you for your kind words, which helped, as usual, to get over the crap that is TTC.  Seriously, we are OK.  It was a long, long shot after all.  And, I’m glad this month is off, because I need time to return my body to its default, sperm-free position. It is thanking me for that, as is my untidy mind.

So now, on a completely different note, I am wondering if anyone has any advice/views on the subject of Christmas Trees And Toddlers?!

Basically BB will probably try to climb a big tree if we get one as usual, and will therefore pull it down on top of himself (as the cat did a few years ago), cue tears, injuries and unpleasant after effects, etcetera.

We thought we maybe shouldn’t get one at all, but that made us feel sad, so we’re now thinking of hiring a small one in a pot and putting it on the hall table in the place of the large plant that usually lives there (which, for some reason, BB actually ignores).

A good compromise?  And does anyone have anything to contribute so that this won’t end in tears and disaster?!

xxxx jay


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  1. I think I missed the last post – let me pass on my boo hisses and I’m sorries as well.

    As for trees, what’s been suggested to me is anchoring it. With fishing wire or something of the sort – I think I’m going to try some picture hanging wire (because it’s what I have. I think I have some, anyway). N is pulling up on anything that’ll stand still (and some things that won’t) and I just know that tree’s going to come down if I don’t do SOMETHING.


  2. When my sister’s kids were young, there were a few years that the tree was sitting in the playpen!

    I don’t know if it will be helpful for your situation, but what we did last year (when Peeper was baaaaarely walking – Seriously, it had been maybe a week, when the tree went up. Of course, by the time it came down, she was a pro!), and plan to do again in a week or so, is to block the tree off with a “play yard” fence that we bought for the dogs and never used for them.

    It’s one that opens up straight, with several panels hinged together.

    The tree goes in the corner, and between the couch and entertainment center, so there’s not much open access to be covered, and we just sort of shoved it in there and blocked her off. We had to readjust things a few times when she reached through and pulled lights out. And chewed on them.

    The website link I entered above actually goes to a blog post with a photo of the setup – before and after adding the fence.


  3. convert to something tree-less? i imagine you’d want to steer clear of menorahs, too, so perhaps now is the time to let those jehovah’s witnesses into the house.


  4. very large wreath on the wall. you can decorate it like a tree with all your favorite ornaments and string lights around it like a candy cane (wrap it round and round). it worked for keeping it out of reach of our kittens 😉 gives all the wonderful pine scent.


  5. We bought a picket fence the first Christmas that the kids were mobile and have used it ever since. Now it’s so the dogs don’t chew on the tree and the bows on the gifts. It may need to be retired after this year, but it’s been a valuable addition for the last 10 years. And it’s pretty cute too.


  6. Posted by wishinghopingpraying on November 29, 2010 at 6:52 pm

    I like the picket fence idea or the smaller tabletop tree. It’s the best of both worlds!


  7. we put a smallish (3 feet, I think?) tree on top of a table that Theo couldn’t reach. This year we have a normal tree and it was challenging the first week, but after several time outs, he finally got that he can’t touch the dang tree!


  8. Posted by reproducinggenius on December 3, 2010 at 1:40 am

    We’re in the same predicament. We are going with a tabletop tree this year and in a space that BG normally avoids, so we’re hoping that works, but since he was just a little lump of baby last year, we don’t know it if it will or not. Here’s hoping! I look forward to seeing other solutions too, so thanks for posting this!


  9. Posted by scarredbellybutton on December 5, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    We usually put it in a playpen. It being the tree, rather than the toddler.


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