Pincushioning It

Today we went back to the clinic for the first time since BB was conceived, to find it was almost exactly the same, down to the longgggg frustrating wait in the waiting room that we’d conveniently forgotten about.

The nurses, including our favourite one who gave us free drugs, were initially confused to see me (jay) sitting on the bed to have my blood done, and then pleased to see us again.  One even suggested we should have taken BB with us to see them, but they had to make do with a photo on my blackberry instead. As we pointed out, taking a kid in the waiting room is not going to be fun for anyone, so he was having fun with one of his favourite friends of ours who works nearby instead.

So anyway, when I sat on the bed, the very bed that vee had lain on and been all spermed up on (to no avail), I felt very odd. Vee voiced my thoughts; “weird! role reversal!” – and it was. Strangely I felt very familiar with it all, though it wasn’t my body the last time round.

After a couple of traumatic tries at sticking the needle in, the first nurse to shoot apologised and swapped with another one. She didn’t have any luck either, so she also apologised and said she’d have to ask the doctor to come and do it because I was just too hard to stick, so we’d have to go to the waiting room for a few minutes. Luckily, it was empty by then, so no one saw as I burst into tears … I just wanted to LEAVE and I hate being hard to stick and afraid of needles and probably will be crap at being pregnant too and whatever else. Vee was very lovely as usual, and I was so glad she was there.

Just as my mini meltdown subsided, the nurse came back and said the doctor was ready, and so we went back into the room again, to be greeted by the hugest grin I had seen for ages; a confident, slightly mocking grin; which was soon wiped off his face. Four failed sticks later, the poor doctor was ready to quit and we were trying to work out how I could try again before our appointment with the consultant, when vee persuaded him to have another go, and THIS TIME IT WORKED. IN MY HAND, NO LESS.

But god, it hurt. Excuse me while I try not to think about that.

Oh, and I’m ovulating.


xx jay

PS A post about BB is coming up soon…. we have stopped the monthly birthday posts (maybe we should resume, perhaps in a different kind of way?) and this blog is shamefully BB detail-free. That will end soon. Promise.


6 responses to this post.

  1. WOW… on the road again! I am REALLY hard to get blood out of, often they do it in my hand – I even suggest it when they have tried the arms and missed a couple times. I did get one nurse to tell me where a good (albeit deep and small) vein is so I can point people to it, and that helps.

    You are gonna be fine as a pregnant lady. There is very little blood letting (of any kind) once you are knocked up!


  2. Posted by Melody on October 11, 2010 at 5:49 pm

    I’m a really hard stick too. I find what helps the most is to drink so much water you could almost burst– hydrates the veins and makes them stand out a little. You can still pee if its just bloodwork you’re going in for, so don’t worry about holding it.

    Doing some jumping jacks or climbing a few flights of stairs before a stick helps too.


  3. Posted by gypsygrrl on October 11, 2010 at 8:09 pm

    ohh my lovely jay, two days before you get blood drawn drink like an extra litre of water, super hydrate yourself…AND before they stick you, go to the bathroom and hold your hands under hot-as-you-can-stand-it (not NOT scalding) water and flex your hands open and closed while you do this… it will help plump up your veins.

    other than that…have your gypsy move down the road a piece, so she can draw your blood !!!

    i’m sorry girls that i have been out of commission in keeping up with you and commenting, but i check in about once a week… life is a little crazy here. but you three are always in my heart!


  4. This is so exciting!!


  5. Posted by docgrumbles on October 22, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    Good luck with taking on the pincushion and (knock on wood) preggo role!


  6. […] on my “rubbish thin veins” and told me to go to hospital instead. I will be taking your advice with me this time, Gypsy and […]


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