Best laid plans

When we needed a Group 1(?) carseat for BB to move up into out of his babyseat, we searched the internet, our consciences and the bottom of our pockets, finally opting for a Britax Multiway, meaning BB could remain rear-facing for a long time to come – the safest position for a kid in a crash. This was no easy option in the UK. There are only a handful of outlets that sell rear-facing seats and we had to travel 2 hours away to a retailer.

So WHY, oh WHY does our kid have to be the one who gets motion sick when he’s facing backwards?

He’s chucked up a few times since we’ve had it and we’ve chalked it up to a bug, or travelling too soon after eating, but I think it was finally confirmed this week when, after covering over 2200km in a (hired) forward facing seat during our Canada adventure with no problem, BB yakked quite spectacularly on his first trip in his rear-facing seat on our return, and we only went to the local post office 2 miles away!

le sigh.

vee xxx


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by nutella on August 8, 2010 at 12:10 am

    Aww, well, you tried.


  2. oh no! that sucks 😦


  3. Yeah, though we’re not interested in him dying or anything, we were pretty happy when we could turn Cakie forward-facing, just to put an end to the puke. It didn’t completely put an end to it, but it has calmed down considerably.


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