Ergo-nomics and heat – we need your views

I have been overcome with the urge to buy an Ergo baby carrier. I’m not sure why. Please explain to me why I absolutely need to spend my hard earned cash on one and that you can’t believe I haven’t already done so.   Or alternatively tell me to stop being so daft.

We have a Babyhawk which is ok, but not hugely comfortable in a back carry for me. We have loan of a framed rucksack type carrier which is ok too, but I’m not loving it as much as I’d hoped. We’re off to Canada for a fortnight soon and I want something comforatble and practical to carry our boy in.

Also, it’s HOT around these parts at the moment. Well, hot for England. We don’t have air con and BB’s room is roasting by bed time. He’s really struggling to get off to sleep, even in just his nappy and a 1 tog sleepsack. The fan is far too distracting to ignore, apparently, so what else can we do? Ideas?

vee xxx


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  1. We LOVE our ergo and wish we’d bought one straight away instead of all the other various carriers we’ve used. At BB’s size you will primarially be using it in a back carry and I wore Miles that way in very hot weather for hours this past weekend and was totally comfy.

    As for sleep… any posibillity he could go without the sack? Maybe a fan outside his cracked door to get the air moving?


  2. Ergo all the way! It is so comfortable! Baby on back or in front, carries up to 40 lbs and it is so easy to wear. It has supports in all of the right places, and my back is seldom sore after wearing our 28 lb toddler in it. If you are walking around with it lots (and even if you’re not IMO), it is worth EVERY PENNY!

    Hi guys! We moved our blog too:

    good luck on making the decision.


  3. sometimes i think i want a baby just because i love my friend’s ergo so much.


  4. we have a baby hawk and i have been contemplating and ergo for quite some time, especially since GP is 24lbs or so now.

    so, just chiming in to say you can’t possibly be crazy because i’m right in the same boat with you… i guess we could be crazy together? so what color are you getting???


  5. Get the Ergo! Judging by how much we’ve used ours over the past year, I’m certain we’ll have paid pennies per day for the thing by the time we hang it up. I can carry E in it for ages without feeling any strain and he is comfy as can be. I count it as one of the investments I’m most happy we made.

    I’m no help on the sleep issue, sadly, but I hope you get some good tips!


  6. LOL I had heard so much about the ergo that I went out and bought myself the fancy gray one with the stars, and I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never actually used it! I had been using the moby wrap up until the boys started walking. Now we usually just take their double stroller. I’m hoping to use it when we go on vacation this weekend…I’ll let you know if it was worth it!


  7. As for the heat, why not just let him sleep in his onesie? Do you have those bar things on your window so you can crack it open but have it locked so it can only open so far?


  8. Ergo it. Your back will love you. Best thing ever. I still thow LJ into it when grocery shopping and anytime I need to contain her.


  9. Go for the ergo! My baby is almost 14 months and I still use it. SO comfy. Seriously. Allow yourself the spending. It is so worth it.


  10. Peeper’s right at 20 lbs and I love our (cheap knock-off and not really an) Ergo.


  11. I’ve heard non-skinny mamas don’t get on with Ergos, so I don’t have one. But can I suggest a Connecta?? They are British made, and there’s even a solarweave one that is lightweight and breathable AND has UV protection built in!! I’ve worn both babies at once in two connectas and love them. If we still lived in your city and it wasn’t creepy you could try one, but alas, we’ve moved out a bit.


  12. Lots of people also swear by Rose and Rebellion, though I’ve not tried them. Have you been to Lots of babywearing advice at the forums there!


  13. just naturalmamas. no weird ‘s’.


  14. One word: Bamberoo. That is all.


  15. Posted by Att on June 18, 2010 at 4:27 pm

    I’ll concede, we’re going to purchase an Ergo when we have another child. I’ve read and researched and observed (I can’t complain about the observing, seeing so many happy mamas wearing their babies isn’t really a pain in the arse) and have concluded that it would be the right choice for my family, for me specifically. I would like to try softer wrap types and such, but so far I’m Ergo bound whenever I get around to reproduction.


  16. GET THE ERGO. Seriously the best carrier. Beck will be three soon and we still use it periodically (he’s too heavy for it/us if we’re out all day but for a ride on the subway, it’s perfect). You will get years of use still. You must master the get-the-baby-on-your-back-solo move, though. That’s the only way to be a Jedi like me.


  17. Posted by sn on June 22, 2010 at 2:28 am

    practical and comfortable. yes.


  18. BUY IT. Hands down best baby purchase we ever made.


  19. The ergo is gerat. And if extra chub is an issue (as someone pointed out) they DO have an extender….

    And where in canada are you headed? My fine city? Or west?


  20. i hope by now you have gotten the ergo – we love ours!


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