Three strikes

We’ve missed at least 3 posts now, I’m sure (the days are just blurring together now), so I’m pretty sure that must mean we’re out, right? You’d think that would get me off the hook for having to post, but no, I’ve been tasked to bang something out while jay walks the dog. I’m feeling a bit peaky, so she offered to take him for me (it was my turn) and this is what I have to do in return.

Today’s news is that we’ve had our new Humax Foxsat HD digital TV recorder installed! Late to the party, as far as America, home of TiVo is concerned, but up until recently, your choice here if you wanted a DVR was to go with $ky. You’d get a cheap recorder, but have to pay a monthly subscription charge for the priviledge of recording on it. They’d throw in a few extra channels to sweeten the pill, but we were buggered if we were going to pay out for the right to record on our own equipment, or pay for channels we didn’t want in the first place, so we’ve been holding out for a Humax. Now it’s here, we’ve got just enough time to figure out how to use it before all the great Christmas telly. Because really, telly’s what Christmas is all about  (well, in our house  at least)!

Oh, and we’d like to mine your collective wisdom on the subject of baby carriers for walking. Trekking. Hiking. Whatever you call it. Long days out covering several miles over rough terrain. Pleasant country footpaths. Wild and windy moors. We have them all on our doorstep and we’re keen to get out walking with BB far and wide. The BabyHawk that we have, whilst beautiful and comfortable to a point,  is not really cut out for up hill and down dale. So what should we go for? I’m liking VauDe, mostly because they make great bike panniers (I have some), but all thoughts on the matter are welcome.

vee xxx


4 responses to this post.

  1. Didymos wraps!! Can use them for zillions of positions, ultra comfy, totally adjustable, and….pretty.


  2. Posted by tbean on November 28, 2009 at 8:37 pm

    We recently got a digital recorder (4 months ago when we moved) and I happen to think it has improved the quality of my life IMMENSELY! You are gonna love it.


  3. Posted by scarredbellybutton on November 29, 2009 at 3:59 am

    Like existere said, you can’t go past a woven wrap for comfort and versatility, though there is a learning curve. TBH I’d stay away from framed backpacks. I understand they are not terribly comfy for the wearer, and they don’t put the baby in a good position (you want knees higher than bum). I’d have a look at soft-structured carriers, the Ergo is a common one. I have a Pikkolo which I quite like, and an O&A which I like less.


  4. Kelty Kid paks. That’s all I have to say lol. We got one for Addison and it’s AWESOME! Has a rain cover that they can see you through, adjustable everything and a mini backpack on the back for your stuff and their stuff. BEST EVER. You can use it for them until they’re pretty big, so check em’ out, they’re greeeeaaattt 🙂


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