Eight months old.

Hey, Snotty Nose!

Today you are eight months old.  To celebrate that incredible milestone, you have a VERY SNOTTY NOSE, which I keep wiping, much to your utmost disgust. Like all other children on the face of this planet, you HATE having your nose wiped. Well, I’m sorry but we have to do wiping, and you know why… because it helps us to breathe, that’s why. You also seem to be teething, which isn’t fun at all. Poor you!

We were wrong that your first sight would be TOAST. It was FINISHED! [Of course I filmed it! I am Geek Mummy!] We were SO proud and excited to see you do that. How very practical, too..!

You’ve started to try and pull yourself up on things, but haven’t quite got there yet, and have just worked out how to stick your tongue out, which is providing you with a lot of entertainment; us too.

This month, however, your favourite thing seems to be noise. When you’re not doing shouting – plenty of it, loudly – you’re shaking things that rattle and bashing other things together to make them clack. As I type this, you’re shaking your rabbit with a rattle in its tummy AND shouting for good measure.

The cat is horrified by all of this and is currently squeezed on top of the Sky box, glaring at you – nothing new.  Your Mummy Vee and I don’t mind at all, though.  We think it’s so cute that when you shake things, you have to wave both your hands even if you’re only holding something in one hand, because you haven’t worked out how solo hand movements go yet. Bless.

I’m hard pressed to think of my favourite thing about you at the moment, but it’s probably how your hair is so long that it actually covers about an inch of your ears – or it would if it was darker and we didn’t push it behind them, but anyway, SO cute.

Love you the world over!

xxxx mummy jay


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by gypsygrrl on November 16, 2009 at 3:21 am

    ummm. i seriously love his spaghetti commentary. how do you and vee get ANY work done with all that CUTE in your house?

    please tell my friend BB that his aunt gypsy loves him!


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