working from home… and other stories

Thank you all so much for the brilliant advice on our Bedding Issues!!  We had no idea that the “pram suit” we own is actually a “footed fleece sleeper”.  Well, blow me.  Heh.  So that is another thing to put on the To Do list – empty the box of clothes which are the next size up, and experiment with the pram suit footed fleece sleeper. Oh and buy another grobag.

Random Things That You Learn As A Parent:

1)  Only very few people use blankets for babies – everyone else uses giant babygros with fleece.

2) Nobody told us that you have to empty boxes of clothing like, every 3 weeks, and wash 40 new garments, categorise and part with another 40, and then umm, acquire or buy MORE, to put in the box at the top of the baby’s wardrobe, so that 3 weeks later you can do the whole thing all over again because your baby grows and grows and grows. Am I weird to find it stressful?!

Random Things That You Learn As A Homeworking Parent:

1) Trying to do the above clothing dance is near impossible, and you will end up with a huge pile of too-small clothes in one corner, a box of becoming-too-small clothes at the top of the wardrobe, and a child who is really a bit too big for many of the items he wears, however much you kid yourself otherwise.

Yes, we work from home.  I do full time, while vee gets to leave the house to work sometimes. We provide certain online services which usually have tight deadlines and short attention-requirements, which means we can usually BB-swap and shuffle quite well.  When vee leaves the house I either watch him sleep via a webcam while I work in the next room, or abandon any attempts to work, rescue our awake boy and do mummy type things.

It’s great for many reasons, but sometimes it leads to complete disarray. Like at the moment. For reasons too boring and complicated to explain, my desk is hidden beneath piles and piles of books and whatnot, and our office is a temporary home to too many random items which need permanence elsewhere in our house (or outside it, for that matter). Like a sofa bed, for example. And a huge blue screen with the main aim of annoying me by threatening to fall on top of our desks, or actually doing so.

And in my opinion, a cluttered workspace is a cluttered mind.

So in the next few days, we will be decluttering our home and clothing our baby. Oh, and working sometimes.


Tomorrow, we will post about nursery.

xx jay


5 responses to this post.

  1. HA! Pram suit. I just looked it up. Do they all have hoods? If so, are they meant for outdoors wear?


  2. Yes I think so, and yes, for outside. I guess the ones without hoods are actually footed sleepers then?!


  3. I guess so! Our definitely don’t have hoods. I think that would royally piss Miles off. lol.

    Oh…our “pram suits” with hoods are called “buntings”


  4. pram suit! LOVE it
    & fuck yes the growing mound of rotating clothes stresses me out!!! I used to have everything sorted so well, but then it just becomes a pile on a dresser of things I have tried to dress him in but, oops, it doesn’t fit anymore. Even though it fit three days ago.

    I am totally with you on the decluttering. One of the reasons why prepping for this move is making me batty is that the house has become so chaotic in the last couple of months and every room as like a bajillion piles of things to sort through. sigh…


  5. Posted by gypsygrrl on November 12, 2009 at 5:51 pm

    just wanted to say i love this post and could totally hear your voice. i miss reading blogs. hell. i miss WRITING. i am so effin exhausted.

    hug your wife and cutiepie son from his aunt gypsy…


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