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Today, we hosted our local lesbian parents meet.

Yes, we voluntarily opened our clean and tidy house to maybe a dozen adults and their queerspawn. It’s the only time we’ve ever been on time for one of these gatherings and it was fun. Despite the mess.

See, now that last sentence makes me sound like some kind of neat-freak and truly, I’m not; neither of us are, but holy hell, I had no idea how much havoc a bunch of preschoolers could unleash within a confined space in such a short period of time! They got crumbs in places I’d have confidently said they couldn’t possibly reach. They spread more toys across the floor than I thought we even had. And practically every piece of left over food was unsalvageable because it had one or two teeny tiny bites out of it before being abandoned. Ah, but they were super cute and they had a great time and we got to chat to our friends and scoff whatever goodies the kids hadn’t got their hands on – what could be better. We’re totally up for doing it again soon.

Oh and as an extra bonus they all sang happy birthday to me and the kids helped me blow out my candles too, which was sweet. It’s not my birthday until tomorrow, but hey, any excuse for extra cake, right?

vee xxx


2 responses to this post.

  1. Happy birthday! And I so know the bit about a million kids tearing up your house. Just had one of those moments myself on halloween… Fun but so consuming!


  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a perfect day!


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