Apparently, I’ve just been tasked to do the world’s quickest blog post, in order that I can get the washing up done before sitting down for some much needed telly time with my sweet wife. Naturally, as soon as I was set this task, my thoughts scattered to the four winds and I am now scratching around for something to post about. I suspect you’l be getting a lot more of that this month. With a bit of luck, you’ll all be too busy writing posts of your own for the NaMo challenge that you’ll never find the time to make it over here anyway.

With time so short, I’ll just share with you the fact that I am very grateful my child has no teeth yet. But dear, sweet Lord, he can gum hard. I swear he almost drew blood when feeding earlier. I live in fear.

Oh, and the people who came looking for advice about infants peeing all over the bed – I’m sorry, I only have experience of puke (see point 7). I don’t have anything to say about XXX boob pressing either, but I’m kind of intrigued.

vee xxx


3 responses to this post.

  1. For what it’s worht, Peeper did more gumming while nursing when she was teething than she’s actually bitten me since she’s had teeth.


  2. Posted by reproducinggenius on November 4, 2009 at 5:43 pm

    I too am intrigued by the XXX boob pressing. What could it be?

    My son does his fair share of gumming too, and it’s insanely painful. I’m terrified of teeth.


  3. Teeth are fine truly! Once they’re through they don’t usually bother using them while BFing.


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