Is it Monday?

It feels like Friday. No, not in that “hooray! it’s the weekend!” kind of way… more the “OMG I can’t believe it’s only Monday. I’m knackered already!” kind of way.

But it’s all good, I suppose. I’ve just come back from boxing (Yes. I box. I was coerced into it by another lesbian mummy, if you must know, and it’s great fun!) and am half watching a programme about fish, while vee is working in the kitchen.

Somehow, today the three of us managed to cram in visiting with vee’s parents, driving 100 miles home, working, walking the dog, boxing and – um – a spot of Christmas shopping. So that is why I am knackered already… the reason vee is working at nearly 10pm is because some of our clients are, ahem, rather demanding, and I’m totally demanding-client-ed out already.

This week we are hosting our lesbian parents group meet, too. I’m quite excited about that, though my main concern is what happens when the three year olds get bored of running from room to room and playing with the stuff on our hall table (because, for some reason, our humble hall table is of irresistible interest to all the three year olds who’ve been here)?  Yes, we have some colouring books, paper, pens and toys and stuff for them, but not a lot.

Any tips for quick entertainment fixes for under fives would be gratefully received! Preferably not involving paint, though.

We said we’d do NaBloPoMo. We didn’t say we’d make our blog unmissable reading.

xx jay


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  1. Boxing! That’s brilliant! I like you even more than I already really liked you. Hope the rest of the week zooms by. I’m no help with 3 year olds. I just feed everyone and point them to the books, no matter the age.


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