Seven months old.

Hey Tufty Head/Chicken/Gummy Boy,

It seems fitting that while I write this, we are on the play mat on the living room floor. I have a feeling this is going to be short. Anyway, happy seven month birthday to you!

How it got to seven months, I’ll never know.

Right now, you’ve tried about 50 different foods with varying degrees of enjoyment (you love everything except jalepeno pepper hummus, which made you cry). Your first sign is going to be TOAST because, like your mothers, you LOVE TOAST. Can’t get enough of it, just like your mothers. Good lad. Oh , and you love pears too.

Aside from food, you’re making strides in the hair department, which can only be described as tufty; thus instigating Hair Envy amongst your mates’ mums. It’s really quite fascinating.  You’re also great at sitting up on your own – that’s old news, actually, but I can’t remember if it’s been chronicled or not – as well as rolling over, articulating great noises and trying to crawl. It won’t be long before your Mummy Vee and I have to scramble around the house BB proofing everything.

Did I mention you’re really ticklish? OH YEAH. What fun! It feeds my addiction to making you laugh nicely.

I couldn’t ask for more, my son. You’re perfect in every way.

Gotta stop now because you want to do building… or rather, you want me to throw your blocks at you one by one – I should probably add that they’re made from soft material.

Mummy Jay xxxx


8 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by wishinghopingpraying on October 15, 2009 at 5:10 pm

    Happy 7 month birthday!


  2. Posted by gypsygrrl on October 15, 2009 at 11:15 pm

    who let him get so big so fast???

    hugs to the mums and to my little tufty-headed friend…

    aunt gypsy


  3. Too cute! Happy 7 months!


  4. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! BB is sooooo beautiful!!! HEY, I got your email and will be emailing you back in the next day or so. Just wanted to let you know that we’re still alive, trying desperately to get back to the blog, AND trying to get Jen pregnant. Been just a little busy, but we talk of you often. Glad to see that BB is so healthy 🙂 Lots to say on the swaddling issue too. Lots of love, Michelle, Jen and Addison 🙂


  5. You know, I must say that I HAVE been admiring his hair. TTG does not have very much. He’s all about the teeth though.


  6. I just can;t BELIEVE he is 7 months old! It feels like he just arrived yesterday! He is so incredibly beautiful… My kid was also (and still is) a source of hair envy– he has thick curly brown hair that really came in around 6 months. And I have to admit I took some serious vain pleasure in the whole thing. I hope you are bathing in it too!

    And if he is an adventurous eater (jalapenos? Wow, brave mamas!) I recommend olives and pickles. Mine made the most entertaining faces eating these things. And then ALWAYS reached for more! Sadly mine lost his adventurous eating by about 2. Now he exists on eggs, toast, hot dogs (organic, nitrite free), and noodles, usually plain. He won’t touch chocolate even! I am still in awe that I could produce a child that doesn’t like chocolate. Ok, off my tangent… Tell me what he thinks of the olives (we made a tapenade and it was a big hit) if you go there…


  7. Posted by docgrumbles on October 27, 2009 at 3:15 am

    Hooray for 7 months of BB!

    I hear that you are never truly baby-proofed enough since they always find a creative way to get into trouble!


  8. Wow, I just saw your daily picture uploads and in the pic from the 28th, “little,” he looks like such a boy! I mean that not in the boy versus girl way, but in the big boy way. So darling.


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