Random tips and observations.

1. It is considerably less messy if you wait until your child has finished taking a crap before trying to change their nappy.

2. An intelligent woman should not make this basic error more than once.

3. Clearly, I’m not as intelligent as I imagined myself to be.

4. I miss those sweet-smelling breastfed poos.

5. If you do your night-time nursing in a nursing chair as opposed to sitting on the edge of the bed, my guess is you save on a whole lot of laundry.

6. I must take more care when tossing the kid over my shoulder to burp.

7. Shoulder-toss pukeage from the edge of the bed position can generate 3 loads of laundry and necessitate entire outfit changes for the whole family. Who’d have thought it?

8. It is impossible to strip and remake a bed in the dark.

9. Switching the light on to strip and remake beds at 4:30am will ensure your child is fully awake and in ‘Play’ mode for at least an hour.

10. Starhillgirl is promising a nip-shot over on the IVP boards. What are you waiting for?

vee xxx


7 responses to this post.

  1. Oh, it makes me laugh, especially 1, 2 and 7.


  2. I bow before the wisdom of those who have come before me. And laugh.


  3. haha – duly noted for future reference!


  4. Posted by gypsygrrl on October 15, 2009 at 2:27 am

    ohh you guys make a tired new nurse laugh 🙂 love you all


  5. […] about infants peeing all over the bed – I’m sorry, I only have experience of puke (see point 7). I don’t have anything to say about XXX boob pressing either, but I’m kind of […]


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