I (jay) cannot even begin to contemplate how poor an excuse for a blog this is – although our last post was of epic lengths, it probably took people 2 weeks to read it.  So, we are going to go the whole hog and do NaBloPoMo next month. Oh yes, we are. Ha ha. That should be fun.

So we have delayed posting, and as everyone knows, delays call for nuggets of news in bullets:

  • Vee and I are great fans of the snot sucker – BB is not, but has learned that it helps him to breathe more easily.
  • Yup, we’ve all had colds, starting, thankfully, the day after BB’s first conference/hotel experience, in which vee worked at a conference while I worked in a hotel room with BB. It was fine, except for the part where the emergency frozen milk melted all over the posh hotel desk. Stickily. Ewwww.
  • Thankfully, we did not need that milk.
  • On the subject of nutrition, we are also great fans of BLW; to date, BB has tried about 40 different foods. His favourites seem to be toast (woo! like mummies!), courgette, pear/apple and – ahem – yoghurt (in total BLW traitor fashion, of course). BLW is messy, but fun, and we’ve got over the “OMG HE’S BITTEN OFF A BIG CHUNK OF THAT!” worries… well, almost.
  • We’ve all been away for the weekend with our lovely local lesbian parents’ group, which involved much laughter, walking, playing, cooking and just general good times. Yes, we know how lucky we are. We left feeling amazingly mainstream and – somehow – “the same as everyone else,” rather than the hardcore green lesbian-mummed family that we tend to be seen as in most other environments. While individuality is the best, sometimes it is so nice just to BLEND IN AND BE BORING. Hmm?
  • It’s our first wedding anniversary tomorrow. Seems like the shotgun ceremony was just yesterday!
  • Tonight we are going on a date to celebrate said anniversary, which also means that BB will be babysat by a dear friend while we’re out. Yes, he’ll be asleep and we won’t be far away, but – agh – first times are scary!
  • As Att says, our baby BB is a little man already. His current obsession is trying to gouge our eyes out (ouch!), put my feet in his mouth (no!) and ramming his little fists in the nearest open mouth, while looking thoughtfully amused. Oh, and he LOVES baths, so we’re going to take him swimming soon. Eek.
  • As always, BB is here. I’ve half heartedly put some parenting related links on the About page, and will be upgrading to a new theme when it’s ready, because that one is so restrictive.
  • And yes, sometimes I wish I could switch the comments on, but sadly it is not to be, lest our IRL and IVP worlds collide. Sigh.
  • I need more coffee. Goodbye for now!

Muuuuuuuuuuch love to the IVP. We are reading you, even if not commenting so much – please know that. We’re especially rooting for Noah – go, baby!

xx jay


8 responses to this post.

  1. Hey there! Sorry to hear you all were sick! Hope everyone is better now. We too love those suckers… the ones from the hospital work best (we got 4 of them-a perk of twins!).

    Can’t wait til our boys start eating real food! Looks like you are all enjoying it!

    Happy anniversary! Hope you ladies have a wonderful date… I’m sure BB will be in good hands!

    Lastly, thanks for sharing Noah’s story. I totally relate since our boys were preemies, so I’ve added their blog to my list to follow, they will need all the support they can get!


  2. Nice to hear from you two! Happy Anniversary!


  3. Happy anniversary! Glad to hear that update. That thick, tufty hair is killer- he’s such a cutie pie.


  4. Posted by gypsygrrl on October 3, 2009 at 8:42 pm

    is it seriously time for NaBloPoMo, again???

    i’m game, i think.
    who else is in???

    ok. giong to read the rest of this, as i had to comment on NaBloPoMoFo before anything!



  5. Posted by gypsygrrl on October 3, 2009 at 8:45 pm

    PS ~ i love everyday baby, i forget and then get to see a week or so’s worth of BB and i just sit there and “awwww” to my heart’s content. his auntie gypsy loves seeing him grow up and what his everyday life is like.

    love you all


  6. I’m like gypsie and save up a couple of days worth of photos and then get all OOOOOOH & AAAAAAAAAAH over the total cuteness. We have hair envy over here!
    We are about to dive into eating adventures now that I have a place to put the W in and let him have at it. I am going to be a dork and do bits of pureed food for a week to make sure he has no allergies (ahem – this is to appease a certain Mother I have) and then it will be fun!
    He did enjoy pushing a banana around his tray this morning. wooo!

    I can not farking believe that you guys are going to post every day in November!! Woooo!!


  7. Happy anniversary! I’m happy to read your update.


  8. Posted by Att on October 5, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    OMG Sept 30 is the BEST. The gums! Happy Anniversary, y’all!


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