Solids, the spontaneous way.

We’ve been planning to do baby-led weaning for ages, reading up on it and weighing up the pros and cons etc (in fact if you read this rather biased link, you’d be forgiven for thinking there are no cons!).  We’ve listened to our NCT group sighing and confusing themselves and each other as they discussed how complicated and time consuming ‘traditional’ weaning was for them. Feeling SO out of synch (particularly because we’re also the only ones not to have left BB with anyone else yet – but that’s another story), we’ve been thinking of keeping it simple, and giving BB a piece of potato or something like that sometime soon.

But that’s all we’ve been doing; thinking about it. Oh, and we bought a highchair which arrives tomorrow, and bowls and things. In real life, though, the idea of giving BB solids was scary… it meant our little baby was less little and somehow older.

Then this morning, we did it, quite suddenly.  “Oh, he’s so ready for solids,” said vee, as BB wriggled around in his Bumbo on our kitchen table, wanting to join in as usual.  “Fine, let’s give him some!” I replied.  “Let’s give him some NOW.  How about, er… a banana?”

And so we did, and it was quite exciting.  You can see photographic AND video evidence here (yes, it’s kickstarted our new ‘extra’ occasional videos on everydaybaby, which should be fun).  In retrospect, I think the banana was rather over-ripe and thus tasted quite strong; one of our home grown potatoes will be on the menu quite soon!

In other news, vee has her first proper ‘out of the house’ job tomorrow. BB and I are going with her… OK not quite – we’ll be hovering in the vicinity, just in case there’s some kind of breastfeeding emergency, because the job is rather unpredictable time-wise and we reckon that the lower the risk of stress and tears the first time, the better. On Thursday, BB and I will be staying at home to practise being serene and trying not to miss vee too much.

So yeah, things are changing chez vee and jay. Whew.

And finally, many congratulations to the reproducing genius girls for the arrival of tomatohead!  Woo!

xx jay


7 responses to this post.

  1. Hooray – Nice job BB!

    Peeper started with banana, too, but we quickly realized it was too slimy for not-so-nimble fingers.

    On to broccoli, sweet potato and so on 😉

    Hope to see you around here soon:


  2. BB is so beautiful. At first I thought that his bib said little monkey, but little monster is really cute. I have been calling Jpants that quite a bit.


  3. Have to say BB is just adorable! Love that banana boy!


  4. Posted by scarredbellybutton on September 8, 2009 at 12:26 pm

    TTG started with a selection of summer fruit and salad.

    He’s not been left with anyone else aside from a few weeks ago when a friend walked him around while I was in a dentist appt.


  5. That was adorable! Good luck with solids– looks like he’s definitely interested!


  6. Oh, the cuteness!


  7. Posted by docgrumbles on September 10, 2009 at 3:20 am

    Love his face!


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