Our son, the mule.

Oh yeah, get me and my almost-daily posting. It won’t last, don’t worry.

I just wanted  to say how proud I am that BB has inherited my stubborn streak. Indeed, he is only four and a half months old, but when he has set his mind on something, he will not be moved. This first became evident when he rejected the bottle with a vengenance; and as I told our health visitor, I couldn’t help but admire his resolute nature.  “He knows his own mind!” she said. And she was right. He’s the same with his sooky cup [or sippy cup, to those not in our family] – I don’t think vee believes me when I try and tell her he’s nearly as strong as me, as I try and help him to guide the right part to his mouth during our daily Sooky Cup Time (which is INSANELY BETTER than Bottle Time, but we aren’t quite there yet). Yesterday, for example, he took a couple of sips and then threw the whole lot down his front with a squawk and a glint in his eye.

And what did vee say to that? An exasperated-stroke-despairing “Oh, jay.”

So, stubborn as a mule AND able to place blame on me? That’s our boy.

xx jay


3 responses to this post.

  1. Theo haaaaaates his sippy cup. He didn’t have a problem with bottles once he realized milk came out of it faster than S’s nipples, but the sippy cup–noooo thank you!

    Your baby is ridiculously cute, by the way, and the thought that he’s growing up speaking in your lovely accent just makes me want to squoosh him harder!


  2. he may be stubborn, but he is WAY sweet and puts together killer care packages AND knows how to keep a secret! 🙂

    thanks again girls & BB for the surprise package ~ you all made a gypsy feel very loved today!

    aunt gypsy


  3. Love it! With a cutie like that you better get used to taking blame!


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