Three months old.

My darling boy,

You are now three whole calendar months old. Not long on this earth, but you have already learned so much. It seems such a shame that, in all likelihood, you will remember none of these joyous days of discovery and wonder.

I’m writing your monthly update this month because, rather slackly, I’ve yet to write one, and your mother is on my case to do my share. I haven’t even finished writing your birth story yet, but that’s another story. Of course, my share of monthly updating would fall on the evening of a day where our little family have been out walking in the Devon sunshine for four and a half hours. Well, you weren’t walking, of course, but we were. Though you are, of course, a genius, you’re not so advanced as to be walking yet! I’m tired and sunburned and a little tipsy – I’m on my holidays after all and now you are three months old and you go down for 8 or so hours at a stretch every night, so I know you won’t need a feed for hours. Thank you for allowing me the time and space to reacquaint myself with the joys of alcohol in moderation.

This last month has seen you really become much more aware of the world around you. You can’t bear to miss out on anything that might be happening around you. Whilst I am sure this is wonderful for your mental and physical development, it is not so fantastic for my nipples. Child, if you really need to look round at something whilst feeding, I wish you would release your vacuum-hold first, before twisting your little rubber neck!

This month has seen you master the art of holding your head up by yourself. You do this very well, even insisting on straining forward when placed in your car seat, buggy or bouncer, just to prove that you think headrests are for the weak. I must say though, in the middle of the night you are still my sweet floppy-headed baby and I love those nighttime snuggles.

Your smiles and giggles melt both your mummies’ hearts at every turn, especially those you grace us with when you first see our faces upon waking. We’re delighted you’re such a happy, smiling fellow and we’re forever calling each other to come and witness some random cuteness of yours.

We love you son, more than I think we ever thought possible, and we can’t wait to share each day with you. I miss your tiny newborn helplessness and at the same time relish your growing engagement with the world around you. I’m so looking forward to watching and helping you learn more about the world.

Mummy Vee xxx


8 responses to this post.

  1. awwwwwww *swoon* (and you thought i only did that for my taxigrrl *grin*)

    love you all…smooches to my little buddy 🙂


  2. Happy three months you guys!!!


  3. I’ve got a curious nurser on my hands (er, breast) too… yeowch!

    Happy 3-month b-day BB! You are so loved!


  4. Posted by docgrumbles on June 20, 2009 at 2:03 am

    I totally relate to loving BOTH the newborn helplessness and the emerging independence.

    3 months down! A lifetime to go!


  5. Yay! so sweet; so good. xoxo


  6. So sweet! 3 months went by so fast!


  7. So amazing how fast time flies!Happy 3 months BB!


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