More screaming.

Once again, our heartfelt thanks go to you IVPers for leaving comment wisdom on our last post. What we’d do without you, I do not know.

So, incorporating bits of advice into one giant (improvised) Hope This Fixes It feed, this morning, I used a faster teat, warmed it up beforehand, got BB laughing happily and then fed him in my office chair, because he has never been fed there before. He managed maybe half an ounce of half-hearted suckage without crying, then started to get cranky so I quit while I was ahead and let vee’s wonder boobs take over the show. We were triumphant and hopeful.

This afternoon? Not so much. Unfortunately that was because he was in a rotten mood, I think, and not even his beloved white noise could calm him down.



The fight will resume after our week away, and if it doesn’t work, I am going to have to follow vee to a work gig she has booked for the end of the month, and wait in the car or something. Fun.

Meanwhile; more packing for the trip. Even less fun.

xxxx jay


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  1. You know what? I just realized I never bottle fed Kiddo in M’s proximity. Given the choice, she always preferred the boob, but not given the choice (e.g. M was at work for the day and she’d have a hungry seven hours if she refused the bottle), she was really all about eating.

    I hope that you guys have much better luck with bottle feeding soon, and I bet that on the day of the work gig, you’ll look back at today and laugh, because everything will be so smooth by then. Good luck!


  2. Posted by rhetorician on June 11, 2009 at 7:18 pm

    sympathies…for a whole host of reasons (i.e. expressing just wasn’t that productive, took too long etc etc) C has probably drunk about 100mls from a bottle in her entire life. But I guess you must have a reason for needing him to take a bottle? We have more or less decided that we’ll bypass the bottle and start her with a doidy cup or similar once she can sit unaided (days away I think). But persevere and let him mess with it and stop when he gets distressed, otherwise it will build a negative association which really won’t help. When we did it we just put small amounts of milk in the bottle so as not to have to ditch a whole precious 80mls that had taken hours to produce. I think you can reheat it one more time after the initial warming, but will tell you in detail. HTH


  3. I am totally pumping right now….sucks that ya’ll are having issues. TOTALLY sucks


  4. Posted by reproducinggenius on June 13, 2009 at 6:21 pm

    I have no advice or wisdom to offer except to say that this sucks! I hope BB figures this out soon.


  5. I’m very hopeful for you after that first feeding today! Don’t give up just give it time. We had lots and lots of feedings when Little J would only take a little (if anything) and would squirm and cry. When we started child care he would only took minimal bottles from his teachers (maybe 3 ounces a day! but then would eat tons in the evenings).
    Now he is a champ….he can go easily between breast and bottle and just sucks down his bottles.
    Remember that it is a learning curve for all of you!


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