Firstly, many thanks to those of you who emailed and commented on my last post.  You were really helpful, thank you.  We did wonder if I had PPD, but I have kind of decided I haven’t because how I’ve been feeling is a little bit like how I felt when we were TTC… so perhaps it’s leftover spillage or something like that.

Whatever. I’d rather just do something about it than analyse it too much, so I went to my lovely local herbalist and she gave me some Rhodiola Rosea as a kind of upgrade from my St John’s Wort (which I’ve been taking for, oh, about a year, but doesn’t seem to be working any more).  Anyway, this RR stuff works a treat and I’m feeling a lot better.  I’ve also given in to another addiction of mine and booked an aromatherapy massage, using up the second of the two vouchers that my dear son gave me for my birthday.

So, all is good. Well, it should be anyway.

Because this week we are meant to be packing for our trip down south (which Google estimates will take 5 and a half hours, but we all know that travelling with a baby, a dog and a virtual office do not make for reliable arrival times, even if you’re planning on leaving in the middle of the night, as we are) and getting the house ready for the cat sitter and sorting things out for the wedding that we’re going to, AND we have accepted extra work to do BEFORE WE LEAVE.

I don’t think we ever blogged about our (lack of) maternity leave, which has it’s pros and cons – perhaps mostly pros, but not this week – in a nutshell, we both work from home, and sometimes we have very little to do, which means we get to coo and grin a lot, but we don’t get paid for it, except for a bit of state benefit and vee’s maternity allowance from another part time job.  Not too bad, except we’re both kind of on call all day every day, which is why we have to carry on working while we’re on “holiday” next week.

I digress. The point of this waffle is that our trip down south to watch vee’s brother and his gf get married (somewhere miles away from where they, or any of their friends/families, live) is sandwiched between two different, demanding clients, with a three month old baby and several other clients to think about too.  Today was … interesting; kind of like baby ping-pong, as we both scrambled to do whatever we could do with our computers, in between reminding BB that he has two SAHMs even though they spend a good amount of time in their office, and trying to explain that his screaming all afternoon wasn’t really fun.

Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow, we have a plan. Ha!

Stupid? Possibly. I am just very glad that the RR works.

xx jay

PS: Olive is a genius!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Aww, thanks! I wouldn’t say genius. 🙂

    Wow, that sounds like a challenging road trip – good luck keeping your sanity! I’m so glad the RR is working


  2. ha ha! That baby photo cracked me up!
    & of course I totally meant to come back and comment on your last post but forgot. But now you are all healed and shit. woo!!

    (& seriously- it totally makes sense that things would be a bit transitional as far as feeeeeeeelings and that jazz. puffy hearts)

    Have a safe and wonderful trip! I have this image of you guys in an old VW van with your rolling office, dog, baby and each other.


  3. Posted by scarredbellybutton on June 9, 2009 at 9:53 am

    Have a good trip! I found TTG travelled ok at about 8wks, but any time after that would have been hell. We did a 1 hour trip today (10 months) and he was ok, napped part of the way. Good luck!


  4. we totally are also both “SAHM’s” but i’m the only one whose work waxes and wanes, my parnters is constant. so a little less stressful maybe, but we’re pinging and ponging two so it’s gotten a bit more tricky since the birth of our nearly 4 month old. i just wanted to say that we totally empathise and appreciate the position you guys are in! good luck!


  5. I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better. Hope your trip goes well!


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