Two months old.

Dear Bonus Ball

You are two months old today, although yesterday I trawled through your many outfits and picked out some 3-6 month clothes that fit you already. Soon, you will be towering over me, demanding money for DVDs and iTunes vouchers. That is a very scary thought, although we are very proud that your Mummy Vee’s boobs are doing their job and your waistline is expanding nicely (as evidenced in today’s photo).

In fact, somehow you have managed to grow just as big as your cousin R, who is over a month older than you. All the ladies on your Mummy Vee’s side of the family had a long conversation about that last weekend… I’m just glad you were too young to understand it because you might have been a bit embarrassed. Instead, you and R had a kickfest on your favourite new gym… maybe next time, you will win.

I digress.

We’ve been busy in the past month; you’ve been to the local Lesbian Parents Group, although you slept the whole time, and to our NCT class reunion which your mummies were brave enough to host.  You slept most of the  time then, too. That is fine, but I do hope that in future, you’ll open your eyes a bit more, just to show everyone how amazingly beautiful they are.

Oh, and you’re a total rock star at night time, and usually sleep for 6 hours at a time. I shouldn’t have said that though because every time we tell people that, the following night is chaotic, with flying vomit and stuff. Oops.

You also love laughing a LOT, which is one of the most amazing, cutest things I have ever seen, so I’m kind of addicted to making you laugh as much as I can. Luckily, you don’t seem to mind.

Every day I love you more and more than I ever thought possible. Also every day, I take a photo of you for your daily photo blog – just to embarrass you further, I’ve made a little button for our blog, so that the IVP ladies can click on it and see what you’ve been doing if they want to.

I’m off now to squish you…

xxxx Mummy Jay

PS: Mummy Vee is working on Part 2 of your birth story, which she promises to finish before you’re in school.


5 responses to this post.

  1. That picture is out of control cute!


  2. Posted by K on May 16, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    Congratulations on your beautiful, thriving two month old! He is such a cutie, and what a good boy, letting you get such long stretches of sleep! I hope he didn’t punish you too badly in that department last night. 🙂


  3. i was going to request a button of that type. thanks for the sharing. happy 2 months bb!


  4. He is so handsome! And HEY, when in the heck did he get to be two months old???? Wow, time flys huh? Ditto the congrats on the 6 hr stretches, that’s amazing 🙂


  5. Posted by elin on May 20, 2009 at 8:56 am

    Hiya, beautiful pics! I just was looking at your phtos and saw Blackstone edge!
    Me and my partner live in Rochdale!
    Small world!


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