Party, my crib, 4am!

He’s a bit of a raver, our boy. Last night, after his 3:30am feed, he discovered, upon being put back down in his crib, that if he kicked his legs and waved his arms really vigourously, all at the same time, he could make his mobile move ALL BY HIMSELF! How exciting this revalation was to him, I cannot tell you. Much smiling and even more thrashing ensued. Until 6am, when one very sleepy mummy finally figured out that a swaddle might be a good idea. He was asleep before his second arm was wrapped!

Tonight, our plan is in place.

vee xxx


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  1. Posted by Att on April 25, 2009 at 12:21 am

    When I was little I learned from TLC’s A Baby Story (oh god, that sounds weirder than it was, trust me) that you always swaddle a baby at night otherwise they NEVER.EVER.SLEEP

    So, I swaddled all of my baby dolls before “bedtime” and am now an expert at it.

    However, when my niece was born, I attempted to swaddle her tiny self and her head almost exploded with anger. Apparently swaddling is only for SOME babies. TLC should be more specific, because I think I scarred my niece a little.

    I’m glad it works for you, though, because surely raves are inappropriate at 6 a.m., even if he did drop a little too much acid. But babies, they’re always “so what if I fall asleep in a gutter? I’ll shake it off in the morning.” Pfft.

    😉 much love from deep in the heart.


  2. LOL! Glad he likes the swaddle and glad you figured out he likes the swaddle (even more important).
    Little J has never been much for a swaddle…he used to thrash his arms right out of the swaddle and then he could do that with his legs too. He is much more restful without the swaddle (but he doesn’t have a mobile over his crib). 😉


  3. Posted by reproducinggenius on April 26, 2009 at 11:17 pm

    I just love this! What a cute little problem-solver! Kudos to moms for figuring out how to keep his late-night raving at bay.


  4. HILARIOUS! And undoubtedly adorable! My little houdini often broke free of the swaddle as soon as it was in place, but when it DID work, it was like magic…


  5. Posted by notesfrom2moms on April 29, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    ooo the swaddle… we swaddled right up until 6 months when one night she screamed and thrashed and let us know she was done…. although still if she is struggling to get to sleep for a nap if i wrap her legs in a blanket and hold one hand she falls right to sleep…


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