Here we are again

Well, no progress to report, sorry.

I slept a little better, but the contractions were on and off all night, as they have been today.  They’re painful but not agony, still fairly short and just as it looks like they’re getting into a regular rhythm, they taper off for a bit. The thought that this could go on for days is making me want to cry.  The lack of sleep and the discomfort are making me feel a bit sick and miserable and I’m fretting about being tired already, but I guess that’s just the way it is.  It’s proving very difficult for me to disassociate the idea of  ‘pain’ from the idea of  ‘ill’, ‘poorly’ or ‘bad’.

I’m heading back to bed now to see if I can catch a few zzzs.

vee xxx


10 responses to this post.

  1. hope you are able to get lots of rest- both of you!
    beaming the love, it is neverending.
    & totally cracking up that your poll is still 50/50!


  2. Sooo close. Fingers crossed that things happen soon & that they go quickly. I will, of course, be stalking my blog reader for any news of BB’s arrival 🙂


  3. Checking in constantly to see how things are going. Good for you on trying to stay rested. Thanks for keeping the updates coming.


  4. i keep wondering if you are going to have your baby on british time, or american time. that sounds stupid. never mind. i hope you get some sleep!! xo


  5. Hang in there! It’s going to happen soon no matter how you look at it. I remember those final couple days and agree, the waiting was horrible and the mesntrual-like cramps were no fun. I think I had them for a few days, then my water broke the day before the due date. I bet you go into labor later tonight or tomorrow! Stay strong; you’ll be holding the sweet little babe soon enough!


  6. Oh yeah, and I remember the fatigue and lack of sleep too. Don’t worry, as soon as you go into labor the adrenaline will kick in. Then once the baby comes, you’ll have new mommy hormones for the first couple weeks. Such a high. You’ll be amazed. They should try to find the exact combo of hormones and put them into a pill – better than speed, I tell you (not that I’ve ever done speed, but I can’t imagine anything could be better than the new mom high). I am going off on a tangent now (on your blog – how very rude of me!) so I think I’ll sign off. We’re all thinking of you guys.


  7. Your body is getting ready and things are totally going to happen soon. Hang in there- your baby is coming!


  8. I am so there with you and it sucks!! Hope you’re getting some rest as I type this, and that things pick up soon.


  9. Posted by reproducinggenius on March 12, 2009 at 9:04 pm

    I hope that you’re able to rest a bit and that BB makes his/her grand entrance sooner than later so that you can get through to the good parts quickly. Much love to all three of you. xoxo


  10. Keep hanging in there. I’m thinking of you and I hope that this phase is over very soon for you and BB decides to make an appearance soon.


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