from babymoon heaven to workaday hell

I’d tell you it was good to be back, but jay and I have sat opposite each other at our desks all day like a pair of zombies. Slothful ones, mind, not the type that zoom around looking for human flesh to feed on.

The babymoon break was fabulous. What a wonderful wife I have! She organised it all in secret, right down to finding someone to buy the break off us at short notice, should BB have put in an early appearance, which thankfully they didn’t, for the record!

We nearly didn’t pull it off at all, as our car failed its MOT the day before we were due to leave and needed some Very Expensive Repairs, but we managed to hire a replacement vehicle at the eleventh hour, fortunately. Driving it was a pleasure as our car is a bit of an old cronk, but we love it and we were glad to get it back today in one safe-to-drive piece. Next important job for the old dear is the hospital run, so I’m extra relieved that she’s fixed!

For the duration of our break, we took up temporary residence in a luxury apartment in historic York, stocked up on far too much unhealthy food and got some chilling practise in, as well as the obligatory bit of “caltcha.” (No? Try it with a London accent.) We were entertained by Vikings vs. Normans re-enactments, Victorian shopping streets and, best of all, a birds of prey display. I’m a bit of a bird-nerd and especially love the killers, so this was a real treat. We went to the pictures, we swam, we ate too much and watched a lot of telly. We slept late and went out to eat. Life was good.

Today though, normal service resumed and we have both been working. Or staring at our screens thinking that we really should be working. Thank goodness we don’t have a boss looking over our shoulder. To make matters worse, my fanny hurts. My English fanny, not the bit round the back that we call an arse. I don’t know if I pulled something whilst swimming and did myself a damage, or whether BB’s head is now fully engaged – can that be uncomfortable? Perhaps we should just quit with the perineal massage? Does that shit even work? Cos it sure isn’t any fun!

Photos to follow. Of the babymoon, not the massage!

vee xxx


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  1. looking forward to photos of the babymoon… glad you had such a wonderful time and everything worked out with the car and all.



  2. Posted by nutella on February 24, 2009 at 8:43 pm

    Welcome back! And um, I think the fanny pain is par for the course from what I’ve read. I get it from time to time as well, and I’m not even as far along yet.

    Oh, did you have pancakes today?


  3. Welcome back! It sounds like you had a great time. And I hope the pain improves a bit. 🙂


  4. the babymoon sounds fantastic. i remember york being beautiful from my vague and hazy teenage recollections.
    and my fanny definitely hurt. a lot and often! it only really stopped once my water was broken, and then i felt compelled to jump and run and move a lot to really appreciate the relief!
    i can’t believe how close it all is now – you guys are in my thoughts.
    good luck with the working!


  5. Ooh, glad you had such a good time!

    “Caltcha” works with a Noo Yawk accent, too..


  6. Posted by wishinghopingpraying on February 24, 2009 at 11:05 pm

    I’m so glad you had a nice getaway!


  7. Kiwi accent makes it coltcha lol Glad you had such a great babymoon.


  8. That babymoon sounds like heaven. I’m glad BB stayed up and let you enjoy yourselves.


  9. Vee fanny’s tend to get sore towards the end for sure, mine did with Bliss.

    A tidbit you might enjoy. Where we are renting in Niva Scotia is an Eagle Watch area apparently. Many many bald eagles come here yearly or hang out here and we have seens some HUGE ones while driving and from our rental. The other day driving back home I saw one so big it looked at first like a vulcher (it’s white head was obscured) and it was HUGE!!

    Anyhow I thought it might interest you.


  10. Oh yeah, here is a link about them.


  11. I am so jealous of your getaway! It sounds blissful.

    I was hoping someone would give you (us) a reason to ditch the perineal massage – I’m hating it too. At least we don’t have much longer to do it and I guess it’s worth it if it does help even a little.


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