Just curious….

Do all people who teach labour and birth preparation classes use teeny tiny model dolls with small heads and scrawny bodies? They just seem to slide right through the model pelvis like shit off a shovel.

We’re off for a bonus scan later today to see if BB is breech of not. All feels like lumps and bumps to me – I have no idea. Place your bets now, we’ll be back with news later.

vee AKA slack blogger



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  1. Posted by scarredbellybutton on February 3, 2009 at 11:32 am

    If BB is breech at birth, are the NHS midwives skilled in facilitating vaginal breech birth? Just wondering what it’s like there as here you’d be seriously going to get any care provider to do on, independent homebirth midwives aside.

    At the public hosp the “rule” for vaginal breech was that the mother has to have had a prior normal birth AND there has to be a dr rostered on when you happen to birth who is skilled in vaginal breech.


  2. hurrah for a bonus scan! I have my birthing class this weekend. I am curious to see how it will go as she is coming to my house and basically going to show me a bunch of videos. yikes


  3. there were no dolls (or minimal dolls?) involved in my birth class. i don’t recall a model pelvis, either.


  4. Posted by reproducinggenius on February 3, 2009 at 4:04 pm

    Well that’s just cruel to use those tiny little dolls. Talk about skewing expectations!

    Best wishes for your bonus scan today. I hope BB is behaving.


  5. Posted by rhetorician on February 5, 2009 at 9:54 pm

    yep, they do. The one we had was also really rather grubby. Pelvises were flung around the room with ahem, gay abandon, as I recall.

    Probably should have said, our daughter was born on Jan 18 at 4.31am, 7lb 13oz, lots of black hair, after a quick textbook labour (it said 3h 11mins on the hospital notes, but there was a prequel of about an hour of serious contractions); no time for an epidural which was the plan. She’s really rather wonderful


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