NCT down, NHS to go

On Friday night, we went to our first NCT antenatal class of four, surrounded by seven straight couples, which is only a little bit remarkable if you consider that we moved here because it’s a hot lesbian breeding ground.  Anyway, they didn’t flinch at the fact that two ladies were having a baby, but we flinched when two couples laughed smugly during the intros and said, “Oh, yes, we got married/moved in together and then 10 minutes later, we were pregnant!” as if they’d discovered the power of gravity or something like that. Why do people feel the need to tell random strangers how fertile they are?!

But anyway, it was quite informative, even if the colour did drain from vee’s face when the tutor showed us how the doll could wriggle its way through the plastic pelvis without mishap, and she hissed, “I’ve changed my mind!”  We did some breathing exercise things after our biology lesson, which I think calmed her down a bit.

Our tutor was cool and used “partner” rather than “dad” and stuff like that, but just in case, I think I’m going to email her and ask for special permission to be excluded from any ‘dad activities’, if she’s planning any. While there weren’t any on Friday, and while the blokes there were OK (if a little jittery and chauvinistic at times), I do not want to be lumped with the dads because I am not a dad. I am the non-physically pregnant partner, is all.

Vee knows this of course, and when the tutor told us to get into two *mixed* groups without our partners, she was the only woman who stood with the men. I was eternally grateful, and found it quite funny how the other women giggled girlishly together, and one or two even looked at me kind of like “Oops, those lesbians got it the wrong way round!” In fact, when some of the poor blokes tried to swap with their wives and join our group, the women told them to go away.  What is this?! Anyway, Cool Tutor stepped in and told them not to be so silly, and *mix* like she told them to, so a few people sheepishly shuffled across the room like naughty schoolchildren, and calm was restored.

NHS* classes start on Tuesday, though we can only go to two. That should be interesting!

*If anyone wants an explanation of the differences between NCT and NHS classes, please comment below, and I’ll be happy to explain when it’s not Sunday morning any more and I’m not feeling so lazy.


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  1. Oh, clueless straight people, they get so shaken up by the smallest disruption of order.


  2. Ugh, hate it when fertiles have to brag about it (straight or not).


  3. Ah yes, the lovely classes. We went to an especially awkward breastfeeding class this weekend where a full two minutes were spent discussing the awkwardness of the men handling the demo nursing bras that were passed around. Some of my favorite quotes: “C’mon, don’t act like you’ve never touched one before!” and “This is what got us into this mess in the first place, isn’t it?” and the best of all, “You’re not fooling anyone. I know you can unsnap that thing with one hand.” Blech. We’re lucky that our birthing class is small – only one other couple – so we aren’t outnumbered, and they’re pretty laid back anyway.

    Hope the next three classes are a little less traumatic! Maybe people will have gotten over the need to show-off and they’ll be easier to tolerate from here on out.


  4. Posted by theinjector on January 26, 2009 at 4:03 pm

    thanks for the recap; it made me giggle (something that does not come so easy these days:). i hope the next couple of classes are interesting and not to uncomfortable. i know how being around straights in mass can be.xoxo


  5. Interesting. How is it that people who act like children are having children? sigh. When your instructor splits up the preggos vs. non-preggos in the future, that’s how they should do it- not dads vs. preggos.

    Our classes start next week. I’m hoping we won’t have strange stories to tell, but we’ll see.


  6. Posted by h.babypants on January 26, 2009 at 5:07 pm

    Your class sounds pretty annoying. I am glad you have a good instructor. Our classes start in February and I hope the other students are decent. We have a book we are supposed to read which is all about the revolutionary idea of “husband-assisted birth.” Already a little hard to swallow, even though the lessons are good. Why don’t we start our own classes?


  7. Wow, Strawberry hit the nail on the head with her comment on people acting like children having children, lol. Your story about class was classic. We’ve taken several different classes at a center we have out here called Day One. It’s really cool, hip, organic, progressive parenting center. It’s been fun, but it has been hilarious at times being the only lesbian couple. Hopefully you’ll connect with some of the more ‘open’ dads, even though you’re not a dad. Hey, how’s everyone over there feeling at this point???? Miss hearing from you both 🙂 PS-Can we apply the for the blog roll someday?


  8. ahhh yes…the classes are always interesting. we had a couple doozies at a local hospital. we were the only same-sex couple as well.

    hoping the next one is good.
    i can’t believe how close you guys are getting.
    i’m oh-so-excited. seriously!



  9. As a former teacher, I would’ve guess that you would be two who would shake up a class… in a good way. 🙂


  10. Why is it when grown adults get in a class like this it’s like sex ed in 7th grade all over again? Ew.


  11. To echo other non-bio moms’ comments…the classes we took were open and great (we are in lesbo paradise over here in our neck of the Bay State, after all), but we were the only same-sex couple in our class. The only time our teacher separated the bio-moms from the otherwise-male partners, I blabbed my head off in hopes of showing these men how comfortable I felt. I was not comfortable, but I think they were fine with me. All in all our teacher and classmates were great so it ultimately didn’t matter.

    Next, get ready for, when you walk into a dr.’s appointment for the little squire, “So, who is mom here?” Ah!


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