Exclusive! New pregnancy symptoms!

First off, HOORAY for the arrivals of JAG and Simone!  So happy to see them enter this world!  OK, so I didn’t SEE them, but you know what I (jay) mean.  Big congratulations!

Second, I wanted to blog about my exclusive new non-bio pregnancy symptoms. That’s right; even though BB is not in my belly, I am feeling pregnant.  Woo! My pregnant brain is so forgetful that I listed them on our office whiteboard in case I forgot. So here goes:

  • Forgetfulness: Like I think I said above.
  • Weepiness: God, I seem to be crying almost daily at the moment.  Not in a bad way, mind you. Every time a baby is born (like those above), I weep. The fact that one of my oldest friends is currently in labour has the power to tip me over the edge so I. Am. Not. Thinking. About. It. Err… moving swiftly on.
  • Cravings: Oh, yes I am.
  • Scattiness: The other day I tried to put the kettle in the fridge, and if anyone had seen my desk today just before lunch, they would have wondered why I appeared to be doing 5 things at the same time as clearing out the stationery cupboard – on my desk – I was, because I kept forgetting what I was supposed to be doing, and starting new things instead.
  • Nesting: Like crazy.
  • Bloatedness: All the fun of the pregnancy without the baby inside!

So, yeah. There you go. Today, an old school friend asked me “How’s your bump?” and I was so proud. When I told vee this, she said, “Well of course it’s your bump too!” And so it is.


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  1. she’s right, it is your bump too 🙂 i can’t believe there are only about 52 more days before BB is here and not a bump at all…


  2. ohh man, i am so excited for you two…
    sorry i have been out of the loop lately ~ i am always reading but not so commenty these days.

    love you all three!


  3. Awwwww, Jayyyyy, you have COUVADE!!! That’s so great 🙂 And Mul’s right, it IS your bump too. I think it’s so great that you’re actually excited about the symptoms. Love to all, Michelle and Jen 🙂


  4. ohh so cute and lovely to read about. Happy bump to you for sure!!


  5. This makes perfect sense that you’d have all those symptoms! Awesome.


  6. S swears that all the crazy hormones that I bring into the house are effecting her immensely. You know how women who live together get on the same cycle? Why wouldn’t the pregnancy hormones be contagious? S thinks that someone whould study lesbian families about to have babies.


  7. Posted by Att on January 21, 2009 at 2:42 am

    YAY! BB is making you nuts too! 😉


  8. That’s awesome. Actually, I think there would have been no nesting before Flipper was born if Lo hadn’t had a touch of couvade. She was a nesting fiend.

    And yeah, it’s your bump, too. 🙂 And hurray for new babes in the blogosphere.


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