Overdue brain emptying.

Ok, I’m a blog slacker – so sue me. Jay is too, don’t forget. It’s not like I’ve been really busy or anything. How you people with kids ever find the time to blog is beyond me.

Jay and I passed the festive season in appropriate fashion – much eating, drinking (primarily of the non-alcoholic kind for me) and merry-making. Upon visiting my folks, we were told of a new family feud, so there was even conflict, though we weren’t directly involved. That’s a post for another day. It was lovely to see family and friends. It’s nice now though, to be home alone getting some peace.

Sadly, the main reason behind the current peace and quiet is the fact that Jay is laid up with the stomach bug I had before Christmas. MY stomach bug, as she frequently reminds me. It’s a real slow burner, this one, and she is suffering, poor love. I’m doing what I can to take care of her, but she doesn’t really want much other than to stare listlessly at the wall, which is not much of a team sport. We are supposed to be going to a party tonight, but we’ll see.

Monday brought drama of an unpleasant kind, when we spent an hour or so in the Antenatal Day Unit getting Bonus Ball monitored (totally unnecessarily, as it quickly became evident) for signs of life. For the three days previous, s/he seemed to have gone on strike, declining to move barely at all, no longer visible or feelable from outside. Perhaps they were practicing at being the perfect, peaceful baby, sleeping for England. Regardless, it was really starting to scare me. The advice I’d been given by two different midwives conflicted – should I be looking for 10 movements a day (usually reached before I get out of bed in the morning – changed to just scraping 10 in a 24 hour period) or should I be concerned about any significant change in movement? We decided to call for reassurance and were alarmed to be asked to come in for monitoring. However, contrary child that s/he is, BB gave three sharp, hard kicks the instant, literally the instant, that the monitor was applied! They kept us there for a full half hour on the monitor, then we had to wait for the doctor to release us, but thankfully, all was well. BB, obviously consumed with guilt (or done with a growth spurt for the time being) has resumed kicking, thumping and stretching at previous levels. Jay thinks we may have an attention seeking drama queen on our hands!

I’m somewhat behind on my blog reading, but haven’t missed the exciting news over at Chronicles of Conception! Congratulations ladies and welcome Lachlan Grae!

Ok, well, I don’t want this post to become too incoherent, so I’ll restrain myself to hoping you all had an enjoyable holiday season, regardless of how you chose to spend it. Have a Happy New Year, won’t you?

vee xxx


8 responses to this post.

  1. what is with you guys & stomach bugs?? ugh!!! So sorry that it has continued to wreck your December. & holy shit- Scary- about bonus ball’s movement strike. But epic PHEW that s/he was just having a moment or two of zen.



  2. Glad all is well. Better to have things checked for peace of mind I always think!!!


  3. that BB drama was enough for anyone!!!
    could you please send those stomach bugs onto someone mean who deserves to feel miserable and get it out of the house of two of the sweetest people i sort of know virtually.

    get better!!!
    love and hugs for you and kisses blown from a distance for jay!



  4. Posted by tbean on December 31, 2008 at 4:55 pm

    Yay for all being well with bb!


  5. Good to here from you! I’m glad there was, at least, a wee break in the stomach bug so that you could both enjoy Christmas — though I am sorry that jay has fallen to the evil bug. Glad bb is kicking and spirited again!


  6. Boo on stomach bugs!! Begone, I say!

    Glad BB has cooperated with more punches, because I’m sure the scare was, well… scary.


  7. Posted by wishinghopingpraying on December 31, 2008 at 6:36 pm

    Thank heavens BB is okay! So sorry about the tummy bug. Be well soon. Happy and healthy 2009!


  8. So glad bonus ball is okay! How scary!


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