Pit Stop

The last week has been a blur of many thousands of words and several pressing deadlines, and clients who send important documents to the wrong place and then don’t reply to emails, leaving you wondering what you’re supposed to do, and if they are even in this century. Oh, there have been tears, but only at the end.

And on top of that, I (jay) have been a crap blog commenter, partly because I pressed the wrong button in Bloglines and marked ALL my posts as read, and partly because I keep thinking “must comment later” and then later becomes too late and whatever.  So, over Christmas, I vow to become a brilliant commenter with many lovely words to you lovely people. I do!

I really appreciate your comments on my last post, with so much useful advice and sharing.  It helped a lot, so thank you.  We are vaguely considering using a doula but probably won’t, largely because we’ll have a shouty, assertive friend with us and there probably isn’t room for THAT much assertion.  We’ll see, though!

And vee is feeling better. Testament to this is the fact that she is hoovering while I type, in a self-elected bid to be a “super wife” (she is anyway).  We’re both very glad about that (the feeling better, as well as the hoovering)!

So now I am off to have a beer while I do some more admin and then make our dinner, before we visit my parents tomorrow, then come home, then go to vee’s parents for Christmas. The cats will be in a cattery with piped music, while the dog will be with us for all of the rides, farting away merrily as usual.

More pit stops soon.  Meanwhile, we send lots of love to the blogosphere.


11 responses to this post.

  1. We’re snowed in and beering ourselves, stateside.


  2. I was JUST thinking about you guys. I am so effing glad that super wife is feeling better and that work hell is (hopefully!) behind you. Sending lots of squishy and plaid flavored love your way.xo


  3. For what it’s worth, I would highly recommend hiring a doula.

    In our experience, her role wasn’t about being assertive with anyone, just about being supportive for us.

    She made recommendations of things that might help me to cope during labor, and was familiar enough with the hospital and its rules to tell me when I could get around them and when I couldn’t.

    I found her support and knowledge to be invaluable.

    In fact, if I thought she’d fly over there, I’d recommend that you hire her!

    (See my birth story for more.)


  4. Love to you both. The holiday’s are not always easy to comment easy, give yourself a break luv.


  5. We’re so glad to hear that Vee is feeling better 🙂 I agree with Bleu. There’s so much going on with the holidays most of the time that we all know it’s hard to get to commenting. You both deserve the trip. Enjoy (all but the dog farts, lol) and we look forward to hearing from you both when you get back. Lots of love to all!


  6. yay! to feeling better and taking time for a beer. Hope things settle down and relaxation becomes the tune of the day.


  7. Just popping in long enough to say Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year, and thinking of you, Vee and Jay … ! xo Lizzie


  8. The dogs farting away…….sounds lovely! 😉

    Glad Vee is feeling better!
    Lots of love to you both for the holidays! xo


  9. I promise to be a better commenter too!
    Glad Vee is feeling better! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!


  10. Posted by docgrumbles on December 25, 2008 at 5:05 pm

    Have a great holiday!

    I have been a lax commenter, too… life tends to get in the way!


  11. Thinking of you three!!



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