marriage flu

jay typing!

OK, I think we are going with salmon. You all were STARS with regard to the old carpet colour – really – but salmon just pips the post, I think. Funnily enough we’ve struggled to describe it for over a year, and then the IVP jump in with perfect words. As usual. Grin. Vee voted for puce, since it was so close to puke, but salmon wins by a whisker.

And many apologies to SHG, but there are no photos from last night’s party. OK so that isn’t strictly true… we are waiting for the official photographer’s photos to come through (will probably be a long wait, be warned!) and will post them when they do. However, I think I only took about 6 photos, and they were mostly blurred shots of a friend making a delightful prat of herself in a game, which is kind of disappointing, but there you go.

I do have a reason, however. I was unable to take any photos because I was too busy rushing around doing committee-type things, as I was one of the organisers of the event, which was uhhh, formal and involved lots of stage hopping – not me, I hasten to add; I don’t do stages, ever. And then I had to console a rather hysterical old friend who was badly the worse for wear and had become embroiled in a bitter battle with a young-but-wise drag queen. This involved calming words, much confusion, and a taxi in the end.

And all of the above was done while I had a stinking cold and was drinking hot toddies kindly supplied by sympathetic friends, while alternating between sneezing and blowing my nose loudly.

So you see, as we say in our house, I do have a reason.

And vee’s reason for the lack of photos?  She never takes them, but anyway she was busy sitting at our table, “like a queen”, as she said, being visited by many admirers of her bump. The best one was an older guy who asked how she got knocked up, and when explained to, said “you can’t argue with that.” We aren’t sure what exactly cannot be argued with, but it kind of made sense.

Which is why I am sitting here coughing in bed with the cat and dog (other cat out ‘visiting’ as usual) while vee is at the cinema with our mate. I’m thrilled they are bringing back Chinese takeaway.

And the reason for the title for this post? We are never ill, ever, but somehow have had more colds and flu-type illnesses in the 51 days that we’ve been married than in the whole 5 and a half years we’ve been together.

How very odd.


2 responses to this post.

  1. i’m having some sympathy marriage flu this weekend. stayed home from work yesterday cuz my stomach was not-quite-right and this morning i wake with aches, and sniffles, and did i mention aches and a head feeling like lead.

    did i also mention i needed to study all day and pack for the thanksgiving flight tomorrow? yeah. sooo looking forward to flying while i feel so ick.

    blah. at least sister will have a hot toddy waiting for me when i get to her house…


  2. “you can’t argue with that” — hilarious. Reminds me of when I told my grandfather and in one breath he said “congratulationshow’dyoudothat?!”


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