Dear Deidre,

I recently married my long term partner and couldn’t be happier. Exchanging rings with her and making promises was really important for both of us, but now we’re both having problems with these rings that symbolise so much.

My wife keeps taking hers off and leaving it places. I’m so afraid that she will leave it somewhere and never get it back. How can I help her to remember to keep it safe?

My problem began about a week or so after starting to wear my ring. At first, I loved it so much I wore it day and night, but noticed that I developed a red, itchy rash underneath it. I left it off for a few days, then replaced it during the day only, but the rash looks like it is coming back. The ring is solid gold. What is causing this and what can I do?

Yours, vee xxx


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  1. hmm.. suffer through the rash and it goes away… at least mine did… i think its because the fingers isn’t used to having a ring on it all the time… now there is an indention and no rash.


  2. I used to get that with my engagement ring. One day I got dish soap under it and didn’t let my finger or the ring dry all the way and wound up with a terrible rash. Months and months later I still couldn’t wear my ring w/out breakouts. It was just a bad case of dermititis. After I soaked it in alchohol and had it cleaned a few times it was fine, but then we switched to our wedding rings (platinum) and no troubles yet. I make sure I take it off though when I wash my hands or when they get wet. Good luck with that though, I also worry that I might leave it off someplace and forget it– but I haven’t yet *knock wood*


  3. Dear Vee,

    I hear that this is pretty common, especially when your finger isn’t used to having a ring on there. I would try wearing it despite the rash, and see if it clears up in a week or so. If not, I’d have to say that, sadly, you are one of the very few people who is allergic to pure gold.



  4. Posted by nutella on November 17, 2008 at 3:58 pm

    I have this under my ring as well. And sometimes on other places on my hands. My dermatolagist lovingly refered to it as “housewife’s eczema”. Basically, due to excessive exposure to water, soap, or cleaning products your hads become too dry and react with a rash. Solution has been to limit exposure to soap and cleaning products, dry hands thuroughly after getting them wet, including UNDER the ring, and then applying hand cream, not body lotion, after every hand wash. When I remembr to do these things, it’s no longer an issue.

    Oh, and on the forgetting the ring, my solution is that if I remove mine it only goes one of 2 places. In my bra during the day, or on my dresser at night.


  5. You can actually be allergic to gold.


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