Questions for whoever is kind enough to answer them.

Thanks to the wonderful Bri, I am now having crazy thoughts, and need to know:

1) If you do NaBloPoMo next month, do you have to sign up, or can you just… do it?

2) If you have to sign up, what does it mean?

3) Will it make us crazy?

4) Did it make anyone else out there crazy?

5) Do you think doing it would mean that vee would actually blog again?  I know she is my wife but I miss her posts.  And I’m sure you do too.

xx jay


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  1. I hope somebody answers, because I’m considering it. Though I kinda want to wait to see the results on monday, b/c I don’t want a month of depressing posts. But that’s already Nov 3! Oy.


  2. Posted by Att on October 31, 2008 at 2:07 am

    You know, it DIDN’T make me crazy. I felt a huge rush of relief (even though I missed a few but it’s totally understandable since my life was falling apart then… kinda like it is now…) at the end of November. It got a lot of gunk out of my system and I did some really good creative writing!

    DO IT! And um, totally sign up at NaBloPoMo … it’s kinda neat.


  3. i know it shows the true insanity existing inside my psyche, but when i read bri’s post, i wanted to do it too…

    if you do it, i will…
    especially if it means vee will post a blog post!!!
    (miss you tons and tons, mrs. vee)

    love you both!


  4. ok. now you have to do it. cuz i signed up.
    its a done deal…


  5. Oh no. Now I know I’m going to do it. I’ll wait to sign up until this afternoon, but if it means that we get to hear from Mrs. Vee, I think it’s a great idea 🙂 I didnt even know what it was until I clicked that little link. Damned curiosity…. >:)


  6. Yeah, this post was like a foreign language to me. Wishing you girls a very Happy Halloween though!


  7. Posted by reproducinggenius on October 31, 2008 at 7:07 pm

    1. Yes, you should sign up. You can win prizes!
    2. To sign up, go here: It basically means you’re on the blogroll, and the people who run it randomly pick blogs from time to time. If yours is picked and you’ve been posting every day, you win a prize! (I know, I keep coming back to that.) It also just means that you’re telling other people you plan to blog every day. It’s like announcing you’re quitting smoking or going on a diet–a little accountability never hurt anyone.

    3. It may make you crazy, but the thing is you have two people who can post, so you’ve technically got it easier than those of us with just one poster!

    4. It didn’t make me crazy at all. Actually, I found it to be great fun last year. In fact, I have since joined one of their other monthly challenges, and it was great to write every day. It forced me to get creative, and it also was an opportunity to get a lot of things off my chest. On top of all that, my readers got to know me a little better.

    5. I think it would be a good way to convince Vee to post again. She would have to; otherwise, she would certainly feel guilty that you were shouldering the burden of blogging for a month. I may just be saying this because I, too, would like to read a bit more from Vee. Frankly, I’d like to read more from both of you!

    Do it! Do it! Do it! You know you want to. All the cool kids are NaBloPoMo-ing it this month. 😉


  8. […] not exactly sure i believe i have signed up to do this, but something about reading vee & jay’s thoughts on doing it made me think “what the hell?” and before i could stop myself, i was on the […]


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