That’s pants, that is!

I don’t know if the rest of the world uses the word ‘pants’ in the same way – to mean rubbish (pants originally referring to underpants, not trousers, if that explains it at all?).

Anyhow – I bought my first pair of maternity trousers yesterday. Well, two pairs, actually! They actually make me look like I have a baby bump, rather than two rolls of fat squeezed apart by a straining waistband. Fabulous!

Sadly, my baby bump is not yet big enough to actually hold the aforementioned trousers up, as I discovered to my misfortune today when I wore them out to work and spent the whole day hitching them up. Grrr! That’s pants!

vee xxx


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  1. Posted by twoladiesinwaiting on September 15, 2008 at 9:47 pm

    That *is* pants. But so fun, too, right?


  2. Posted by yup, another sara on September 15, 2008 at 10:12 pm

    I like that. Why do you have all the cool sayings over there?


  3. hehe – no we don’t use pants in that context in Aus. I like it though – we usually go straight for crap or shit!


  4. Such a flexible word.

    And yay for maternity wear.


  5. Oh my god. I LOVE that! The new pants and the new term. I’m going to use it all the time and credit you.


  6. Posted by gypsygrrl on September 16, 2008 at 12:32 am

    that’s pants!
    soon enough THOSE pants will stay on cuz BB will hold ’em up for you so you dont need to hitch them up all day… please post pics when THAT happens? pretty pretty please? with chocolate fudge cookies on top?



  7. I love that. I’m using it.


  8. well, if you were trying to show off the bump, i guess you did that and more πŸ˜‰


  9. I know Vee’s with me when I say, “Did someone just mention chocolate fudge cookies?” LOL. And I’m with Starr, I’m taking on the word/phrase. I’ll let em’ know it’s cool UK lingo……. πŸ™‚


  10. can i just say how happy it makes me that you are writing about maternity pants and expanding belly stuff….yippeee yay for you!


  11. Maternity pants feel like relief after sqeezing yourself into your regular pants, but I had a few days where I had to run from my car to the house because I had my hands full and was losing my pants. Luckily maternity pants have longer to fall before anything really embarrassing happens. πŸ™‚ Pretty soon they won’t fall down anymore.


  12. I hear ya.

    And I strongly suggest getting a “belly band” or “belly sock.”

    You can wear it over the saggy-baggy pregnant pants to hold them up for now.

    Or over not-quite-buttoned regular pants (that never worked for me – the zippers wouldn’t stay up) or under whatever, so your tummy doesn’t show when your raise your arms.


  13. Posted by nutella on September 16, 2008 at 1:43 pm

    Nope, we don’t use that particular turn of phrase here in America. I’ve always loved it though.

    I have been horrified by the sight of the maternity pants (trousers) in the store. I did buy the above mentioned “belly sock” and have found it to be a life saver. Think of it as a tube top that goes around your tummy. I’m wearing mine for the first time this week to keep up my unbuttoned dressy trousers for work.


  14. Belly band ordering now underway. After initial hitches – sold out, not my size, wrong colour etc, outrageous postage costs and hormonal meltdowns, my jay has just found the perfect one, which will be winging its way to me shortly. I guess I can use it to hold up my maternity trousers too! Bonus!


  15. ha ha! no, we don’t use “pants” that way…but I think it’s very cute and may just start using it a little!!! Enjoy your smaller belly now… will become MUCH MUCH heavier.. (I have to hold mine when I bend down!)…. xo


  16. Posted by docgrumbles on September 16, 2008 at 9:21 pm

    My American self did not know “pants” could have the connotation. Now I know.

    Maternity pants are great once they fit right. They do indeed make it look like a bump instead of fat roll and they are quite comfy.


  17. I’m with you. 3 pairs of dress maternity pants and 2 pairs of jeans. All 3 pairs of dress pants are staying up on their own now. One pair of jeans is sadly being outgrown. I’ve been considering suspenders for the other jeans.


  18. I should add that the biggest factor in determining whether I’m sporting the “baby belly” look (good) vs “multiple fat rolls” (very bad) is what underwear I have on.

    My big, giant maternity granny-panties (which I was able to find in very spiffy colors/designs, btw, all the better for showing off at my frequent ultrasounds) come high enough that everything is in one big blob.

    On the other hand, the elastic waistband of my still-sort-of-wearable-but-getting-quite-tight regular panties hits right in the middle of my tummy, cutting it into two rolls.

    Not what I’m going for.

    And then they tend to roll down, and for some reason feel tighter below my belly than in the middle of it. What’s that about?

    Either location is starting to get uncomfortably snug though (finally) – at 30 weeks (WTF?!)

    So, I declared yesterday (as I took them off, with great relief, at the end of the day) that I’m done with the regular drawers, and it’s granny-panties all around til Peeper’s here.

    Now, I just have to get my poorly-pantied ass to the store to buy some more.

    Or you know, we could do laundry more often – like that’s gonna happen!


  19. yeah for the bella band… its all i wore from 9 weeks to 16 weeks… then back again once i hit the 30s and the pants again weren’t staying up – plus you can leave it longish and when you outgrow the shirts (they become too short) the band will cover it up and look like a layer…tricks


  20. I am happy you got yourself some maternity trousers. I have never heard pants used that way… I think it is so funny. It certianly changes the meaning of our blog name. In our house we use pants to meant something is cute. It all started when we began to call one of our cats kittypants. xo L.


  21. Aren’t they the most comfortable things in the world though? (when they aren’t falling down, of course) It’s like wearing pajamas to work. People keep telling me I’ll be anxious to go back to normal clothes after the baby’s born, but right now, I gotta admit it’s hard to imagine that.


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