Of must-haves and meltdowns….

Last night I had the most vivid dream about Fisherman’s Pie.  I cooked the whole damned thing from start to finish, then ate it, and it was divine.  I could even smell the onions frying in butter; the white wine reducing; creamy mashed potato piped carefully on top of chunks of ocean goodness.  Mmmm-mmm.  When I woke jay for work, I told her I simply MUST HAVE Fisherman’s Pie (although by this point I couldn’t face cooking it myself, having already been through the motions once in my sleep).  Sweet girl that she is, she ventured into town and tracked down the most delicious pie for me, which I had for my lunch, with peas, just exactly how I wanted it.  To the Satisfier of Cravings – I love you! Thank you!

Today also marks the day of my first full on hormonal meltdown. I’m generally a relatively calm person, prone to weepiness perhaps, and overly sentimental, but all-in-all pretty well balanced.  So when jay was slightly snappish with me this morning because I grumped that she had been keeping me waiting (the fact that I hadn’t actually told her I was waiting for her should be mentioned in her defence) we were both unprepared for the monumental paddy that I threw. Cue screeching and door slamming and snotty, messy tears.  It was so ridiculously over the top that jay laughed, which of course only made things worse!  She apologised profusely (for what?) and handed me tissues and I calmed down after a while, then started laughing hysterically at how ridiculous I had been. Since then, I’ve been exhausted!

Do you think I might be pregnant?

vee xxx


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  1. LOL I remember those hormone breakdowns that are so incredibly intense and real at first and then so incredibly hysterical after a moment. They are also totally exhausting.

    Much much love.


  2. you had my stifling tears of laughter here at my desk! warnings should be issued… yep, i think you might be pregnant 😉

    that dream you had, i used to have it every day when i was in elementary school except in it i awoke, got dressed, ate breakfast and walked to school… only to awake and find that i was running late again with my mom standing there amazed that i was just waking up.

    i like yours better! sweet wife goes out and gets you the yummy fisherman’s pie of your dreams.

    i feel very lucky to know that like jay, dakota will be ready to run out and get me what ever i need, hell, she already is. yay for fabulous wives!


  3. Ooh, maybe. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. 🙂


  4. Ugh, sorry – you *are* pregnant. This is what happens when I combine lack of sleep (thanks to my sweet but last night slightly annoying pup) and reading blogs in my email program – so I don’t see your regular header and all. I somehow forgot it was your blog I was commenting on. I have been following your story for a little while.


  5. Heh – don’t worry Erin – I’m still at the fingers crossed stage, positive tests or no!


  6. Hah. Would you rather have nausea or hysterics to remind you that you’re preg?


  7. Posted by reproducinggenius on August 15, 2008 at 7:47 pm

    Yes, I do think you’re pregnant–wonderfully so. I’m glad you have jay to help you with the cravings and to apologize for, well, to apologize. 😉

    By the way, you two have been nominated. Check my blog.


  8. pregnant, much?
    that is the cutest story ever. especially after the first part where the lovely jay gets a bazillion points for finding you the pie you wanted for lunch…

    ohhh dont you wish sometimes you could see a video of these funny things people blog about… of course, AFTER the “itsnotfunny” period to the “itsTOOfunny” time…

    i can see jay apologizing (for nothing) and then her laughing at the door-slamming.

    love you both tons & tons!

    (who is back from dosage testing and found out another classmate is pregnant!!! sheesh. i know how THEY celebrated the end of the spring semester…)


  9. Sweet girl that she is, she ventured into town and tracked down the most delicious pie for me”

    i TOLD you they were similar 😉
    i shoulda emailed this but am lazy and running out to waste more gas on school stuff.


  10. Dr. Village chiming in: you are DEFINITELY pregnant!


  11. Oh my gosh, amidst my severe nausea and hormonal roller coaster today, I just went into tears from laughter reading that! Thank you. You are most definitely pregnant. If not, someone snuck you an extra Hcg shot in your sleep, lol. 🙂


  12. Posted by liberationtheory on August 16, 2008 at 12:26 am

    hell, emphatically, yes.

    have you switched places with my wife????


  13. okay i just laughed and read that post to amber and said, “god, do you remember when i did that to you?” I think those first trimester hormones do calm down a bit…


  14. Ooo – Pregnant or not the worst thing Shrike can do when I’m throwing a fit is to laugh at me!

    That just makes me exponentially angrier!

    Also, please translate for the Yanks. What exactly is fisherman’s pie. I know about shepherd’s pie, and it sounds familiar, given the reference to the potatoes.


  15. ahhhh how familiar that sounds! i had a similar “breakdown” in the first trimester. it gets better, i promise!

    so, yeah……you know, i think you might be pregnant 😉


  16. Fishermen’s pie (especially for Whozat) is similar to shepherd’s pie, yeah, as it also has mashed potatoes on top. However, the main part consists of fish; seemingly random types like um, salmon, haddock and prawns. I don’t eat fish so I wouldn’t know! Ha.


  17. Thanks, that was what I was going to guess!


  18. vee, you have a kind, kind woman and a knack for making laughter!
    keep on raging when you need to.


  19. such a lovely lovely post. you made me smile.

    so happy for both you girls.


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