The good, the bad scary and the ridiculous.

OK, after ‘feedback’ from a certain much-loved member of the IVP, here we are again. Or rather, here I, jay, am again.

I/we did mean to blog but we’ve had piles of work (as usual), a cat with ‘oral issues’ (yes, as usual), broadband assholishness (new thing) and all The Things To Blog About grew and grew and then we got engulfed and fell down a hole of exhaustion. We even got a shed on Monday and haven’t put anything in it yet – we’ve had a lawnmower in our kitchen for over a week now..!

OK, yes, I am talking crap, and I do apologise. However, this is going to be a bullety post because I worked at the weekend (as did vee) and my brain is total mush, because I haven’t been good at working weekends since I was about, ooh, 28. Those were the days!

I’m in danger of REALLY going off on one, so here we go:


  • We did another pee stick the other day and were totally elated to see that the line was darker than before. On. A. Cheapie. Woo!  We hated cheapies until then. And yes, we should probably have blogged that but, blimey, don’t you guys ever get your fill of pee stick crap from us? Seriously?
  • Vee told her family on the phone and mostly got happy screams, especially from her youngest brother who was sitting in the cinema at the time waiting for a film to start (!) More from vee on that soon.
  • Vee’s mum called today to ask how we are doing and generally to express joy and excitement about her impending new grandchild. That warmed the cockles of my heart, that did.


  • We haven’t told my family yet because we have plans to see them THE WEEKEND BEFORE THE SCAN and tell them in person. This visit is kind of a coincidence because of course we would never have been so hopeful to arrange to see them to tell them especially before we knew (and if we had, we’d have timed it until AFTER the scan). I’m kind of scared because only my brother and sister know we’ve been trying, which means my born-again-hippy* parents will get the shocks of their lives. They’ll most probably be delighted, but they do read the Daily Mail, which loves screaming about “test tube babies” [shudder], about crazy lesbians taking up NHS resources and God knows what else. I’ve never understood why they read it.
  • The Worry is still with us on a daily basis. It doesn’t look like it’s ever going to leave us, either – great – so perhaps we should just brace ourselves and get on with it.  We’re trying to eliminate the word “hopefully” (as in “this time next year, hopefully we’ll have a baby…”) from our vocabulary.  It is hard.
  • The scan is taking aaaaages to get here – 10 days after tomorrow! – and everything is kind of on hold until it happens, like arranging our wedding and other life stuff that’s been on hold for like, forever.
  • I suppose we’re still kind of on tenterhooks. Well, worse things could happen!


  • Now, this is the stupid part that I just have to share so that people can tell me I’m not crazy (if you DO tell me I’m crazy, that’s fine because it’s sometimes best to know one way or the other, right?).  One of my fears at the moment, because every self-respecting IVPer should have many fears, as we know, is that when we tell my parents we’re expecting, my brother’s girlfriend will laugh carelessly and say, “Oh, isn’t that funny? We’re expecting our second, too!” I have no idea why I think this because it’s really very unlikely to happen, but I do. Maybe cos of that old “once an infertile, always an infertile” curse?
    … Of course, if they ARE pregnant, that’s not a bad thing at all. It would just help a lot if she wasn’t ALWAYS at my parents’ house these days (despite having her own place), and if she didn’t make vaguely homophobic ‘jokey’ comments, and ignore any attempts to get her to apologise.

God, I wish that scan would get here already.**

We promise to blog more. Promise.

– jay xx

* Some people’s parents find God when they reach a certain age. Mine found rock festivals and, um, recreational substances. Don’t ask.

** Of course, then we will have something new to worry about. Because that’s how it works! *thin laughter*


15 responses to this post.

  1. Yes, why is the scan taking so long? Why, why, why????

    Thanks for the update. I am glad there is excitement about your news. I hope telling the other family members goes well also.

    And um, no, I never get tired of pee stick news. Bring it on.


  2. Posted by wishinghopingpraying on July 17, 2008 at 8:29 pm

    I can only imagine how loooong the wait must feel! I really do hope the time flies and that you get to see your perfect litle bean soon.


  3. All that good news made me squee!


  4. Man, I feel for you guys – the wait for the scan is eternal! But that’s so exciting about the dark second line on the pee stick! Good luck talking to your parents!


  5. Oh those evil sisters/in-laws. They like to get you just when you finally have good news. The telling of the families part is so scary, but it will be so great to have your parents’ full support, which I know you will get. That has been bewildering but so nice for us.

    I’m glad the line is getting darker. That is such a good thing.


  6. Good lord. I keep thinking that stupid scan is tomorrow.
    I’m with Co – never enough pee-sticks.
    Maybe we need an IVP intervention with your SIL, to cure her of the homophobic “jokes.”


  7. its perfectly fine to be good, scary, and ridiculous… you guys are pregnant for heaven’s sake! keep peeing on sticks it will allow you a sliver of sanity within the next 10 or so days.


  8. I am THRILLED that I now have a firm hold on the Jedi mind trick that can persuade you to blog for ME!! bwha ha ha ha!

    Seriously- I get all angsty when the peeps get quiet. The scan waiting is effing TORTURE! But love that you are making more pee stick art. & no- we will NEVER tire of it. ever.



  9. OMG, you have born again hippy parents?!! That is so cool! Trust me, it’s so much better than having real born-again Southern Baptist fire and brimstone parents. My mom should go smoke with your parents and chill!
    Hey Scan–hurry up already!!


  10. Hope the next days fly by. AND, I never get tired of pee sticks 😉


  11. I can’t wait for your scan too! So exciting!

    And the worry does actually lessen. I didn’t think it would ever end but the past few days I have felt so much less anxious. So there is hope for at least a little reprieve from the anxiety at times.


  12. i’m here…reading (recovering from crazy birthday days)…and sending you lots of love and peaceful thoughts and stuff to balance out other…



  13. So glad for the update. Thanks for sharing all, even the ridiculous. (Which is actually NOT ridiculous.) Lots of love.


  14. I am excited for your scan. I think the ridiculous is not really ridiculous – I would worry about that too. I hope telling your parents goes well. Are you guys getting married now that you are knocked up? that is exciting.


  15. […] all was good. And no other announcements […]


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