Post-retrieval weirdness, acupuncture and other stories.

Today has been an oddly empty day, full of weirdness and distraction. Though the news that three of our five eggs had fertilised was a welcome relief this morning, there was no rush of euphoria – more a small squeak. Even the nurse on the phone sounded a little irritated with me when she repeated, “But three of them have fertilised, which is brilliant news, isn’t it?” only to be met with a surly, “Well I won’t be getting excited until I hear from you again tomorrow confirming the transfer will go ahead. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed until then.”

Perhaps it’s that they’re out of my body that’s making me feel odd about it? I’ve been trying to meditate every day this last week or so, using my Prepare to Conceive CD and having embryos an hour down the motorway played havoc with my visualisation today. I should really have splashed out on the IVF version (the one I’m using was bought in more optimistic times).

And then the acupuncture session was odd too, mostly because I had a replacement practitioner. He was ok, but went about things differently. I don’t cope that well with different. I am grateful though that he can fit me in tomorrow when I come back from the transfer (thanks Gold Star and Scarred Bellybutton for the advice on that one).

Physically I feel fine. OK, it feels like somebody fucked with my ovaries, but it’s totally bearable. Kind of like period pain, but in the wrong place. I’m still slightly disturbed by the memory I have of trying to talk through the oxygen mask to tell them I could feel it and they were hurting me, but then I think they must have just given me another blast of the sedative, as I remember nothing after that until I awoke.

We’ve both been able to fuss and fret over another patient today, taking our mind off things. Mr B, the big ginger tom who decided to attach himself to us recently, went in for a full dental treatment today and came home in a very pissed off mood, minus 3 teeth. Poor baby. He’s still a little groggy from the anaesthetic, but wants BADLY to go outside and is not taking our refusal very well. He’s extra mad that we keep laughing at him because he now looks a little goofy. We don’t know how his teeth got into such a state in the first place, as he’s quite young, (the mysteries of stray animals) but they should be better now. Well, the ones he has left should be!

So that’s us. Empty and distracted and trying to keep vacant brains. But also eerily calm. Especially me. I guess the meditation and the acupuncture must have done some good.

Pre- and post-transfer pearls of wisdom, anyone?

Oh, and by the way, the chances of triplets is zero – they’ll only transfer a maximum of two. I’d take two though. Or one.

vee xxx


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  1. Ah, I’ve got no pearls of wisdom for you, my dear. Other than keep meditating, keep breathing and know that there are loads of people on the other side of the pond rooting for you all the way.


  2. I can understand why you’d feel weird/disconnected today. Hopefully putting those eggs back inside will give you a boost. Good luck tomorrow!

    And kisses to your kitty. Our cat had dental work recently too and she was quite grumpy afterwards (though she’s always pretty grumpy anyway).


  3. yes, we are rooting!


  4. How could you not feel a bit wierd, your eggs are in a place you have never had to imagine them before. I hope once they are inside you feel a ton better. Strays are so funny and mysterious. Mr. B. will forgive you at somepoint. Good luck tomorrow!


  5. You won’t be empty for long love. I’ve got no good bits of wisdom, but lots of good energy shooting your way. xo


  6. Thinking of you girls. I understand the empty thing – trying to feel devoid of any filling in case you need the space later on. I think it is a natural state when you have experienced stress….take care guys and everything is crossed for you over here!


  7. i’m having sympathy weirdness today for you both… but am sending all the hope in my lil’ heart to your neck of the woods!



  8. Posted by yup, another sara on June 20, 2008 at 1:21 am

    I do not have any wisdom, but I am so excited for both of you and sending all my love and good wishes across the ocean!


  9. The chance of triplets is not zero silly, Any of them can split. I have had more friends transfer two and only one takes but splits and is twins, so you never know.

    I am sending much much love for a wonderful transfer.


  10. I am excited for you, I understand your reserve with the nurse, but I’m just so excited. Thinking transplant, return of your eggs to you, babies, and all good things.


  11. I can understand your state of limbo. I’m assuming lots of good news tomorrow. So far, you’ve surpassed every gate, and I think you’re going to go all the way. Hang in there for one another!


  12. Posted by scarredbellybutton on June 20, 2008 at 1:45 pm



  13. I didn’t find the transfer any more uncomfortable than an IUI– except that my bladder had to be full, so that part sucks b/c I had to use a bed pan afterwards. They wouldn’t let me get up to use the bathroom. By now, though– you’re probably on your way back. Hope everything went well.


  14. i can’t imagine what it feels like – but thanks for the honest post. As always, my heart and hopes are all yours today.


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