Not what we wanted to hear

Dear Ovaries,

Get your fucking act together, you hear me? We’re chucking VERY expensive drugs at you every day at the moment; the least you could do is get a wriggle-on and start producing some eggs. We’re not doing this for fun you know. Get to it!

vee & jay

Yep, my bloods this morning brought a disappointing result. My E2 numbers were “still a bit on the low side” apparently. So low that they aren’t going to bother to see me again until Friday, when I’ll get more blood taken and I *finally* get a scan! (Remind me again what exactly it is that we’re paying for?) I know it’s only been 3 days on the stims so far, but they were clearly expecting more to be happening, as we’d been primed to be ready to come in again either tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday. Please don’t let this be heading for the plug hole. Success stories from similarly unspectacular beginnings are welcome. Please leave your comments below.

vee xxx

Edited to add: I just called them back. I couldn’t live with not knowing the numbers. According to the nurse I just spoke with, that’s the Scorpio in me! Our clinic always seem reluctant to give them out without prompting, and I’m usually too British to prompt. My E2 was 61.7. They would have liked to have seen it in the low hundreds. I’m under instruction not to panic yet – apparently lots of women come back to find their levels have shot up nicely. Please let me be lots of women.


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  1. okay ovaries, now is your time to shine… if you have ever really cared for the vessel that carries you around, now is the time for you to show it. I know the drugs may seem a little crazy – but close your eyes, enjoy the ride, and make some eggs.


  2. Posted by K on June 9, 2008 at 4:47 pm

    Fingers are crossed that things are just getting off to a slow start and you’ll be all caught up by your scan on Friday.

    Still waiting on the results of my first E2 test this morning. Perhaps we’ll be in the same boat.


  3. I am one of those women! Very slow to start and then my numbers would just shoot up very appropriately. Good luck!


  4. You can do it, ovaries!


  5. I think we can, I think we can, I think we can. The little ovaries that could. (Jeez, is that an American refernce/book? Anyway, my point was to be encouraging!)


  6. Posted by yup, another sara on June 9, 2008 at 6:33 pm

    I’m sending some ‘get-it-together’ vibes to your ovaries right now!


  7. Posted by reproducinggenius on June 9, 2008 at 7:46 pm

    I’m hoping you’re one of those women. Come on ovaries, get it together!


  8. C’mon ovaries! Do your thing!


  9. Posted by jessie on June 9, 2008 at 9:45 pm

    Come on ovaries! Everything is crossed over here


  10. are they upping any of your stims?

    Dear ovaries,
    Stop being so fucking British and bust a move! See how your Mum got her act in gear and made the call? Do some of that!
    Love your internet-Auntie, Cali


  11. Can ovaries have stiff upper lips do you think, Cali?
    I’m already on 450iu per day – that’s the top dose – at our clinic at least.


  12. Tell those ovaries I said (in my best kind-but-firm teacher voice) to get their shit together. Now.


  13. *ahem*
    giving your ovaries my best nurse-stare and telling them that medication complaince will be in the best interest of e/v/e/r/y/o/n/e…

    much love from a future-RN ;P


  14. Posted by scarredbellybutton on June 10, 2008 at 12:41 pm

    FWIW I only got one scan. Private clinic, expensive!

    No plughole-ing allowed ovaries!


  15. Hoping you are “one of those women” Go ovaries, go!!!! xo


  16. Posted by Lisa on June 10, 2008 at 9:26 pm

    Don’t worry! I am a “slow starter” myself. After 5 days of stims I think I was only somewhere close to 100. Once things got going we were good, just took a bit longer than I would have preferred. All is still well!!!


  17. Please ovaries – I am talking to you across the ocean here, so you know it is important – DO YOUR STUFF!
    I hope you are in the lots of women camp.


  18. When we were on injectibles, we had two cycles where my ovaries weren’t responding as fast as we or the professionals had expected. Both cycles ended up creating two eggs (exactly two!) that were at least 20mm, so I know things are going to be ok!!


  19. I can’t believe they’re making you wait all the way until Friday for a u/s. WTF– 7 days w/out a u/s? Frustrated for you. Hoping for a big result, though.


  20. I really know nothing about stims, but I am really hoping that they work. and that all your shit gets its act together and it just works.

    be well and happy.


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