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I did that thing again. You know, the one where you leave it so long to blog that soon enough every time you think about posting it freaks you out a little because so much time has passed and how are you ever going catch up on everything, and it’s been so long now, so long in fact that WordPress has changed all its internal workings and you can’t find your way around anymore and does anyone really still care anyway?

Well apparently someone does, so in no particular order, I’ll whistle through some of the more pertinent happenings in our neck of the woods since we last posted.

The IVF consult.
Way back on 25th March we did indeed go back for yet another clinic appointment, with yet another consultant that we hadn’t met before, to ask that old question yet again – “This isn’t working. What next?” At least she’d read our file before we went through. She was so impressed by our catalogue of failures that she suggested we might like to move on to IVF before I’d even got my coat off! She explained the whole procedure from start to finish. Though much of this was not news, since I’d been boning up on IVF, I was a little surprised to learn that certain things will be a little different to what I have been lead to expect by the American market exposure I’ve had via the IVP. Apparently ICSI is only something that is offered to those who have male partners with dodgy sperm, or to those who have proven leather eggs. We can’t just decide to opt for it. Also, they do the transfer 48 hours after collection. No three or five day transfers for me. She said that statistically there was no difference in the success rates between 2 and 3 day transfers (and so presumably they do them at 2 days to save on the cost of having them in an incubator being looked after for the extra day). Five day transfers? Oooh, far too experimental. Only two places in the UK doing that, and there’s not been enough research to satisfy them that it’s not risky in any way. Whatever. Just stick them back in and pray they grow. We signed off all the paper work while we were there and I have to go in for CD2 bloods and a scan before starting downregging around CD19 of my next cycle. She did say that if my FSH was over 10 on CD2, they would not go ahead, but would test it again next CD2. Usual? I was kind of hoping that they would let me start THIS cycle, as I was only CD 9 when we went in, but she wouldn’t let me out of those CD2 bloods, so next cycle it is. It’ll be early June before we’ll know if it worked. That seems like an insanely long way off.

Begging the GP.
Just after we saw the consultant, I started hanging out on a UK message board thread for folks doing IVF in May/June. If I tell you how nice it is to be able to pop in there and KNOW there’ll be no pregnancy announcements, will you think me evil? Anyhow, someone posted saying that their GP had agreed to prescribe their IVF meds, even though they were paying privately for their cycle. Smart idea. My dad always said if you don’t ask, you don’t get. So yesterday, I asked. I’m not yet sure whether I’ll get, but I should know within a week or two. Even better, I may qualify for an IVF cycle on the NHS now too, as officially I am an “unexplained infertile”, so if this one fails, it may not be quite the end of my road. She also said that, should we decide to switch to jay, she’d be eligible for free exploratory testing and possibly IUI (though we’d need to pay for the sperm). Unbelievable! None of this was available to me in our old area (different NHS Trusts have different policies, so what you’re entitled to depends very much on where you live). Thanks dad – looks like you might be right!

More birth.
Our business Administator gave birth at the weekend. At home, with the help of her husband, while the paramedics were stuck in traffic. I think the poor man is traumatised, but they’re all doing well.

More pregnancy.
I have been unreasonably irritated by somebody’s birth announcement this last week. Nobody you know, don’t worry. This person, also a lesbian, has been an exceptionally needy trier. Exceptionally. I have (or I believe I have) been a supportive and friendly and calming friend, at all hours of the day and night. Every cramp, every negative, every price hike, every pit of despair. She has been needy and self-absorbed. She got pregnant on her 4th try and, having sucked me dry, has moved on to hang with the pregnant ladies. I feel like a prat.

You know what? This post is long enough. I’ll save the rest for another time. Sometime soon, ok. I missed you lovely people.

vee xxx


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  1. i missed you too. i thought maybe my bloglines was broken. I’m mystified why a little bit of ocean changes all these procedures but at least it sounds like things are looking up a bit with the insurance situation. My fingers are crossed… wait isn’t cd 3 coming up again pretty soon?


  2. I’ve been slapping my hands away from typing you an e-mail daily for the last week. Trying to respect your silence and not knowing the English social timelines and all that. So thanks for the news. You two’ve been on my heart.

    Very happy news! Pill you can’t start this cycle, but you’ve got a great plan and it’ll be here before you know it. Hope the NHS pulls through and decides to reimburse you for all your back tries too.

    Boo on bad pregnant friends.


  3. So glad to hear from you. I knew you were out there (thanks for posts on my blog and IVP and full bladder advice), but it’s so good to see you back here at the blog. I’m excited you are moving forward. I hope the expenses and prescriptions and etc. come through for you. I don’t think you are a prat or anything like it. xo


  4. p.s. I should also say that I don’t know what a prat is. But I definitely don’t think you’re one. xo


  5. Yippee for getting the go-ahead on the IVF. We’re big fans over here 😉

    It is very interesting to hear about all the differences in standard protocols between there and in the US.

    Not to mention the whole NHS stuff. No such animal here, of course, and very few insurance policies cover IVF at all.


  6. missed YOU lovelies, too…
    i went away and came back to the new WP inner-workings and cant get a post to post. i wrote a fabulously FUNNY post about my wacky dreams in the last 2-3 days and it only posted the title. i had a few good nasty words to say about that and then it was time for school and here i am. still cant get a damn post to post. (help?)

    thinking good thoughts for you and the interesting IVF developments for the next cycle!



  7. Grrr, that bites they won’t let you out of the CD2 bloodwork! I’ve missed you!!

    Now I’m all excited for June!


  8. Posted by reproducinggenius on April 8, 2008 at 10:03 pm

    I’ve missed reading you! It does seem, though, that the entire IVP blogland is a bit sleepy these days.

    I’m very glad to hear that you will soon be moving forward, and I hope the time passes quickly as you lead up to your IVF cycle.


  9. missed you as well! all fingers continue to be crossed here, and though i know absolutely nothing about ivf, i will continue to send you all the fertile hopes i gots.



  10. Very interesting about the differences in the IVF protocols across the pond! We found ourselves in the same situation with needing to wait for one more AF before starting, and like you, I think it sounds so far away! I think we’re going to be very close in dates. We’ll have to compare notes on how we’re warding off insanity during the waiting period.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your insensitive friend. I have a blog entry percolating about the hazards of ttc friendships, message boards, support groups, etc. In the meantime, I’ll just say I’m sorry because I know how much it hurts to feel left behind. *hugs*


  11. so glad you’re back and updated us all with your very good news. welcome to the ivf boat. fun time ahead, i promise.


  12. “exceptionally needy trier”- that had me laughing out loud. Oh fucking gawd do I know a lot of those!! sheesh. Sucks that she ditched you- her loss. Big time.

    so glad that things are moving forward with the IVF and that you might get some costs breaks via NHS or meds. I know it seems like ages to go, but it will be hear soon. Maybe you can put up a ticker and we can count down with you.

    Very glad for an update. I have been crap at blog reading, but I always want to know what is going on with you two.



  13. Missed your posts!!! I’m sending so many good luck vibes your way for the cycle.


  14. Glad to hear your update, we have a similar deal here that with an ‘unexplained infertility’ diagnosis may mean some funding that we wouldn’t otherwise get. As a friend said, surely our not having our own sperm is a type of infertility lol.

    Hooray for moving forward – hope the waiting weeks speed past and you’re going for it before you know it!


  15. That does suck about your friend. I have a friend who is pregnant who likes to complain every chance she gets. Nice. Prat is such a cool word. I think I shall have to use it.


  16. Posted by scarredbellybutton on April 9, 2008 at 11:41 am

    Ugh, I do that thing all too often, and annoy myself by doing so.

    Interesting that you can’t have ICSI. My RE (non-US) recommended it in order to use less sperm, and get a better fert result. And no blast transfers? That just sounds plain backwards I’m afraid.

    I didn’t have a scan or bloods at the beginning. I had a 7dpo BT to confirm I had ovulated, and started Synarel right after that.

    I don’t think you’re evil AT ALL for enjoying having a “safe” pg-announcement-free place.

    The different NHS rules depending on where you live is crazy!

    I’m sorry your friend is behaving so poorly, gee waiting 4 whole cycles must be tough.


  17. Put me down for “doesn’t think you’re evil”. Or if you are, you’re in good company.

    Here’s hoping that your local trust comes through for you in a big way!


  18. Good to hear from you and about your consult. I wish you guys all the luck in the world.

    I am so with you on the “needy trier”s. And I have been deleting certain preggos or post birth people from my regular reads (not anyone listed on my blogroll on our blog, btw) because I cannot tolerate the self-righteousness about how little medical intervention they used to get pregnant. I’m sporting a big middle finger at the universe these days, and I know it makes me a prat, but I’m nearly past caring.


  19. Well, your needy friend sounds like too much to me. Sorry she’s left you high and dry, but I suspect you’re better off without her (not that it’s any true consolation.)

    As for the IVF news, it sounds all good to me, right? I know June is a long way off, and I wish that this cycle would have worked, but I’m so excited for you to have this chance.

    Missed you guys – so glad for the update!


  20. Posted by tbean on April 9, 2008 at 3:10 pm

    Yay you’re back! June will be here in a flash, the IVP is throwing you a huge bon voyage party as you set sail on the IVF voyage! Next stop: BFPville. xoxo


  21. Posted by yup, another sara on April 9, 2008 at 8:39 pm

    hey! It’s great to see you back here and I am glad that it sounds like the consult went well.

    I too am feeling a little salty lately– I don’t want to hear about any more pregnancies!!

    (and I only feel a little guilty about my bad attitude)!


  22. Here you are!

    Your push back start date to June is a bummer. And yeah, I’m bitter as shit these days, too. Which I initially typed as “butter.”

    It’s good to see you : )


  23. Glad to hear from you!
    And things are sounding promising with the IVF! My fingers are never UNcrossed for you!
    I’ve been feeling sad about this whole process and other people’s BFPs too. I guess that’s part of the process.


  24. I’m glad the IVF Consult went well. It is indeed interesting how differently these things are handled across the ocean.

    Thinking of you both.


  25. Oh my, I know exactly what you mean about being “sucked dry” by people who drop you like a hot potato when they are no longer in the same boat as you. I have that going on right now myself. Sorry.


  26. […] 22, 2008 · No Comments OK, so we are very bad bloggers. In fact, we did that thing again, and now have too many things to logically put in one post, but alas, we have even less […]


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