Jay’s Tip of the Day

If you are clearing up your bedroom and you notice that your wife’s sharps box is open and you’re worried that it might fall over and all the sharp things will fall out and impale the cat, don’t.

AND DON’T CLOSE IT, because it has a special plastic lock which only clever medical people can open.

It’s also a good idea not to tell your wife this in a panic when she is in the shower.

If you do have the misfortune to commit the above crime, it will mean your wife will have to phone all the closed-for-the-weekend rural healthcare centres in the area, and then go to a pharmacy in embarrassment, explain (gallantly taking the blame) and be given a needle exchange box from the addicts’ programme.

Oh dear.


8 responses to this post.

  1. Heh! Sounds like you’ve solved your problem (and learned your lesson), but you can always use a laundry detergent container–just matters that the plastic is hard enough that the needles won’t poke through.


  2. Too funny!


  3. Think of this way. You get the privileges of being an addict without having to go through all that messy drug addiction stuff!


  4. But a fantastic story, nonetheless!


  5. heee heee hee.


  6. Oh no! Definitely something I’d do too. Hope you two are doing well. ox


  7. Ha. Y’all are funny.


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