The power of thought.

Overheard in our house moments ago:

me: (trotting down the stairs) “Oww. My boobs hurt!”

jay: (who is cycling with me this time) “If I think about it, mine do too.”

me: “Well, mine hurt without me having to think about it!”

Of course, they hurt last month and it meant nothing, and besides, it’s probably down to the hCG I’ve got knocking round in my system (I did the second, and final, jab this afternoon).

But they really do hurt.

vee xxx


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  1. heres to hurting boobies, may they lead to a uterus with a 9-month guest.


  2. I’m first here (if I push submit fast enough) because of the lovely BLOGLINES which I found because of you. Love it.

    I think your boobs are sore in a much different way than Jay’s. And it’s more than just the shots.

    Eeeee! *Can’t. Stop. Smiling*


  3. You know what’s weird? All of the fake pregnancy symptoms I had? (Except maybe the nausea from the ear infection that second time?) Now that I’m pregnant, I can say that I actually FELT PREGNANT. Fake sore boobs felt just like real ones. That weird heavy awareness of your uterus? Pregnancy. I don’t know what it means in relation to your sore boobs. I hope they are sore because you are pregnant. If so, get used to it, and go out and buy a few really comfortable sports bras, because you won’t be taking them off any time soon.

    Be pregnant, I say!!!!


  4. Posted by tbean on February 12, 2008 at 10:04 pm

    My boobs hurt too. But it might be because I keep grabbing them incessantly to “check” how they feel. 😉 I hope this is it for you.


  5. This is one of those great, only happens with two women, type of moments.


  6. Come on now, Jay could be having sympathy preggo symptoms!


  7. I’m gonna chime in with my boobs are slightly sore, as well. Here’s to hope and a baby for all of us!


  8. If sore boobs = baby in the womb, I say:
    let them Hurt Like Hell!!!!

    (sorry Vee).


  9. yippee for sore boobs!


  10. sore boobs can be so wonderful!
    sending you many zen vibes to get through the rest of the TWW….


  11. you guys crack me up.
    hurrah for soreness!


  12. my boobs hurt, too, but not because of any kind of female issues. Mostly cause they were poked and prodded by massage therapist yesterday:)

    sending good vibrations to your sore boobs…sore boobs=stickage…; sore boobs=stickage…; sore boobs=stickage…


  13. Yay! Sore boobs! Yay! I mean, ow. And yay! I also say, be pregnant!


  14. since we are all sharing…
    my boobs have been doing the hurt-for-over-a-week pre-period extravaganza. maybe they were just hurting in an IVP solidarity way. as a way to send the good juju your way.

    as everyone else has said, i echo:


  15. Posted by reproducinggenius on February 14, 2008 at 6:44 pm

    Yes, I say if you don’t have to think about it and your boobs hurt, it’s a good thing. I do hope this has all kinds of good meaning this time!


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