Photo Friday: Organised

Today’s Photo Friday theme was one of those that perplexed me at first, and then had me scurrying around the house in search for material. And I found some! In keeping with the theme, I’ve organised our photos into two categories:


No, we didn’t randomly throw objects – or the cat – around to achieve the above image. Our office IS that untidy. But not always. A deadline loomed, and has gone, so we will resume normal life and housework soon. I think we’ll just keep the door shut throughout the weekend, though.

One of the many surfaces in our house that is home to homeless objects of no relation to each other. The shame!


Save time, money and petrol! Buy in bulk!

And finally, the piece de resistance

Behold our magnificently organised recycling system! Hooray.

-jay xx


3 responses to this post.

  1. Ooooh. Your recycling makes me drool. Our recycling causes us to play recycling-bin-Tetris all over the kitchen floor.


  2. Ladies, compared to me, you are organization gurus!!!


  3. that fan–we have the exact same one (or almost exact). It was kk’s grandpa’s. Does it roar real loud? Do you use it? We are scared our animals will stick their noses or paws or butts in it and then be decapitated or delimbed or debutted.


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