Thrown off balance

First up, I have to say you are a bunch of foul-mouthed feministas, are you? Nice one. Made us laugh whereas the sympathy always makes us cry.

Today we had to call the clinic to organise this cycle. We were both in a bit of a panic actually. Originally, the Dr had told us we need to order the meds a few days before the start of a cycle, as they took some time to be delivered. This would mean paying for them without knowing whether we would need them. The nurses clearly had different ideas about this and were far more accommodating, telling us to phone on CD1, so that we wouldn’t risk wasting our money. Of course, CD1 was on Sunday (if you don’t count Saturday evening, which they don’t). Would they still be able to get the meds to us on time? Well, apparently, yes. They’ll be at our door tomorrow morning. We’re now just waiting for our baseline scan, bloods and shot training appointment.

Of course, we’re pleased and not a little relieved that the logistics will work out. What we both found ourselves struggling with this morning was trying to summon up any enthusiasm for this. Up until now, we’ve always had a few days grace; a few days to accept the fact that we were going to have to go round this particular circle of hell one more time; a few days of healing before the stick pissing began again. I don’t think either of us realised how much we needed that time. Today, we just feel rather flat about something that we were hoping to be looking forward to.

But then, I suppose it doesn’t have to make us excited, it just has to work, right?

vee xxx

UPDATE – The appointment is at the same time as the drug delivery. This has necessitated us having to ask our sweet, elderly neigbours to take in the parcel. I do hope the packaging doesn’t scream FERTILITY DRUGS FOR LESBIANS!!!! (I wonder if that will get any hits?)

Oh, and our Photo Friday favourite treat?


Organic chocolate fudge brownie icecream with homemade all-butter shortbread. Mmmmm!


5 responses to this post.

  1. The logistics of these things are just never easy! but I’m glad that things are (mostly) working out!


  2. If the box says “Fertility Drugs for Lesbians” I want a photo.


  3. I want a picture, too. And I want some of that ice cream. Please.
    I’m with you on needing the few days break. But yay! Moving on to new things! I’ll be excited for you over here.


  4. Hey girls. So sorry about the news. I am checking blogland news a little late; I’ve been out of the loop.

    I think switching donors is a good thing. Bring a new “flavaaah”, so to speak. Good luck guys. I hope the fertility drugs do the trick – nothing would make me happier than to read it worked for yall.


  5. “Fertility Drugs For Lesbians” – you crack me up!!! i third the demand for a photo.

    hang in there, sweethearts. i started a novena to st. jude (patron of the impossible, which i guess ya’ll feel at some times) for my school semester, and also for all of the IVP and a happy ending to all your journeys… [photo to be posted on my bloggity-blog tomorrow]


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