For Cali


Because she loves tartan – that’s plaid to you Americans – and because life sucks badly sometimes. Hugs, mate. We are thinking of you very often.

– jay xx

PS: Fact of the day: It’s a version of my family tartan. And no, I don’t wear it, anglophiles!

PPS: Other fact of the day: I am actually Scottish. Ha.


5 responses to this post.

  1. you know, I don’t consider your being Scottish to be a bizarre fact. Now, if you were to say that you’re actually a Scotty DOG I’d say that was pretty bizarre.

    I’m actually part scottish. My mother’s side. Lowlanders, though, much less romantic to claim than highlanders or vikings. And yes, we have a tartan. I’ve never seen it though…


  2. Did I say it was a bizarre fact? I meant it was a FACT. I have amended – that’s what happens if you blog when you’re tired…


  3. Flipper is 1/4 Scottish. And 1/8 Irish.


  4. I’m Scottish-ish, too. Also Irish, English and Jewish-ish. Lots of Ish.


  5. interesting…as I am part Scottish (& English, Welsh & German), but I ALSO have a scotty dog.

    Thanks for the plaid love.


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