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We’re now at the tail end of our weekend, and what a pleasant weekend it has been, despite the rain yesterday. Jay and I both enjoyed seeing her sister and a mellow time was had by all. We also added to our menagerie, but I may go all secretive and passworded in order to share photos of the new arrival.

And, right on cue, my ovaries are starting to throb. Man, those herbs are good! Still negative on the OKPs but it’s getting there and some EWFM is starting to exit the building too. We really have a lot of hope for this cycle and I want to get the timing as good as we can. Hands up who thinks 3 OPKs a day is excessive?

I’ve been catching up on blogland news and surfing to territories as yet undiscovered – there really are quite a lot of lesbians out there trying to get pregnant, aren’t there? Somebody commented recently how long our blogroll is, and it’s true, but I honestly read them ALL! Of course, I couldn’t manage that without BLOGLINES. Has anyone tried out the new Beta version yet? Is it any good?




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  1. Posted by notesfrom2moms on November 25, 2007 at 9:29 pm

    i do love the bloglines… there are almost always new stories o read… Hope all goes well this month…


  2. I don’t think 3 is excessive at all. The closer I get to O I use 3 too.


  3. there was a time that I used an opk nearly every time I peed.

    can’t wait to hear about your new addition!!!

    and blog lines is da bomb.

    oh- & SOOOOOOO effing glad that you guys had a good weekend. I was thinking about you.


  4. Ooh, just tried the beta version, and I think I like it. Everything just looks cooler.


  5. I always used at least 2 OPKs/day– once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

    Glad you’re feeling positive about this cycle.


  6. 3 isn’t excessive. the thought of missing a positive is just unbearable.

    wishing you the best of the best of luck this cycle!


  7. 3?1 3 is nothing! 4, 5, 6….. the sky’s the limit, girl.


  8. Posted by reproducinggenius on November 26, 2007 at 2:10 pm

    I’m all about the multiple OPKs because I HAVE missed my surge before–back when I was young and naive and used just one. Ha! One! Can you believe it? No, now I always use a minimum of two and more often three.

    I’m so excited for you two this cycle–keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!



  9. Posted by Lottie on November 26, 2007 at 10:21 pm

    Is 3 considered exessive??? Only by the clinics!! I always do my last test at 3.30pm to give myself enough time to phone the clinic before they close at 4pm! Wouldn’t want to miss it, would we?!


  10. I’m excited about your new arrival.

    I *think* I use bloglines beta, but not totally sure (how dumb does that sound?).

    Question for you UK girls – do you have Quality Strees chocolates available there? I recall they are English, and haven’t been able to find them here in a couple of years.


  11. Hi K77… yep, we do have Quality Street. Why? You having mad cravings for them??


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