Super Swooshy Girl

I have fallopian tubes!

They are not blocked!

And wow, such stellar treatment! The HSGs get done in the hospital downstairs from the fertility clinic, and truly, it couldn’t have been more different. The procedure was a breeze for me, luckily – didn’t feel a thing, though that may have been thanks to the paracetamol I popped beforehand (thanks for reminding me, Melody). Seriously, I wish the guy that did it was the one doing the insems – he definitely had the gentle touch. Ok, so he was slightly odd and kept muttering into my vagina, but that’s a small price to pay. He explained everything very clearly beforehand too – how cool that I had a balloon in my uterus! I could see the dye go through on the screen as he swooshed it through – one side slightly sluggish at first in comparison to the other, but clear spill on both sides. Throughout the whole thing I had a very sweet nurse with me who kept patting my hand and checking I was alright. She even apologised for the indignity of the procedure (HA!). Afterwards, I was given the MOST ENORMOUS sanitary towel in the world (honestly, a small child could have slept comfortably on it) and ushered into recovery. Recovery! Once Nurse Nice had ensured that I was comfortably ensconced in the most comfortable reclining armchair, Nurse Superfriendly (and slightly scary) popped up with tea and sandwiches for us both (though jay couldn’t eat them as they only had meat ones left)! They wanted to be sure I rested and did not feel faint before letting us go.

Good grief! Upstairs they introduce things into your uterus without so much as a by-your-leave, debit your plastic for over £1K and turn you around and push you back outside within minutes, literally.

In other news, I’ve had my thyroid function re-tested. Big thank you to Chips and Aspiring Baker for kicking my arse on that one! Back in March, my Thyroid Stimulating Hormone level came back “borderline high” at 5.81 (normal range is 0.35 to 5.00). The doctor told me to get it repeated in 6 months and I’d forgotten about it. This time it came back at 3.4 – better!

So, we’re all set – the pipes are clear, the donor is lined up, let the pee stick madness commence.

If this round doesn’t work (and I’m not really allowed to say that, ‘cos jay says I’ll jinx things, but anyway) we’ll be looking at begging for drugs and possibly changing donor (though our current one does have known fertility).



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  1. SO happy the HSG went so smoothly. And that all is clear! That is wonderful! Tea and sandwiches too?? Wow!! Impressive indeed. Good luck guys! Hope this next round is IT!!!


  2. AMAZING news! so glad to hear it!


  3. Wow. Best HSG ever. I’m so glad it went so smoothly. You got recovery time?! They shoved me out the door with a ginormous pad shoved down my underwear without so much as a “have a nice day.” Don’t be scared when you get some pretty scary looking discharge in a couple of days– of course, your lovely doc probably explained that to you. I hope this cleared out any possible blockages and makes everything swim along. 🙂


  4. Yay for a clean HSG!! and let’s hope that improved fertility thing is more than an old wives’ tale. uh. a young lesbian’s tale.


  5. Oh…that’s great news – I’m so pleased you’re not all clogged up. 🙂

    Just so you know, old school medicine hasn’t quite caught up with the current thinking around thyroid – my GP (who mostly practices holistic and nutritional medicine) really likes to see TSH between 1 and 2 for optimum fertility. Google should help you find some good reading around this…
    Anyway, I hope you never need this info – but in case this process continues on a bumpy road, you may want to consider some supplements for your thyroid. Email me if you want any more info.

    I reckon though, that now the stress of potentially blocked fallopian tubes is gone, that you’ll be preggers in no time!


  6. woooo hooooooooooooo!!!!
    fantastic report!


  7. Posted by owlie on November 22, 2007 at 8:05 pm

    yay! for normal girly bits. maybe the baby-to-be is a clean freak, now you are all washed out they baby will come …yipeeee


  8. Glad you got good HSG and thyroid results. Onward and upward.


  9. Tubes rule! So do better thyroid levels! I hope you are one of those couples who gets pregnant right after an HSG!


  10. Congrats to you, go your tubes and thyroid!!!


  11. Hi there. I stumbled across your blog while looking up some questions about pregnancy – I’m 17 weeks into my first one. Good luck with it… it all happens unbelievably fast once it gets going. Oh, and thanks for using capital letters and, you know, punctuation. Like those.


  12. Posted by tbean on November 24, 2007 at 5:56 pm

    Yay–glad it went so smoothly!


  13. So glad it went easily. I’m having an hsg next week!! Hope that it works for both of us!!!


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